This is Art

Courtesy of the Warcraft forums, two budding wordsmiths:

Triock outlines the finer points of the little-known Herpalism harvest skill, “I am so tired of /cry cause of no gold for mount or item this and that! I am always enough gold and here is the key: Herpalism! I am giving these ideas here FREE so I don’t have to explain it all the time because I explain it a hundred times and nobody understands! … ” Spoof Alert: this is Triock’s (level 4 orc) only post. (Thanks, emailer Elbows.) (Furled archive.)

Imfugly details why PvP rogues need to be nerfed, “O.k. am I patient of rogues. Each fight, which I have with results rogue being in me, stunlocked for 75% of the fight …” Spoof Alert: Imfugly, level 1 gnome, has a small post history built up; some in character, a few that are intelligible. (Furled archive.)

It’s like Cubism with the English Language; I recognize English words, but hell if I know what I’m looking at.

Let’s Talk About SEX

I’m really trying to take the high road here when I read and comment about the Sex in Video Games Conference and the keynote speaker, Regina Lynn, Wired’s weekly Sex Drive columnist, who will draw “… from her own cybersex experiences and her research into how sex in virtual spaces has evolved.” Far as I’ve seen, from my limited experiences in the big MMOGs, the cyberskank game hasn’t evolved at all: she (he/it) places her hand on your pulsating orb, next thing you know, your virtual bank account is empty and all you’re left with is the orb, which may or may not be still pulsating. The low road would have been: cybersex has evolved to cyberskanks getting paid to speak at cybersex conferences. I didn’t take that road. Remember that.