WoW Google World of Warcraft Maps — Fledgling Google map project for Azeroth. The site has the capability to display towns, instanced dungeons, and herb, ore, and treasure spawns, although those have been temporarily disabled due to traffic issues. For now, using the Gatherer mod is still the best bet for running down herbs and ore, but if that mod gets nuked in the threatened rework of the mod system, maybe the Google Maps API will save us.

The Pale Light of the Greater Moon

Lunar MoongladeBy now, you’ve probably read about the World of Warcraft’s Lunar New Year’s Festival, loosely based on the Chinese New Year’s celebrations.

The cities are redecorated, there are kinky quest rewards to be had, and best of all, there’s a teleport system included with your Lunar Festival Invitation linking the major cities … available to you once every 10 minutes, 20 minutes if you have to pass through Moonglade on your way. (Hearthstone is available once every 60 minutes, do the math.) I love kinky quest rewards as much as the next guy, but I LOVE practical, even if I’m only shaving a few minutes off travel time.

Screenshots of the decor and the sights are available in a Flickr Lunar Festival photo set.

Take some time this weekend to see the Lunar sights for yourself. Spectacular.

Threads that Deliver

Here’s a couple of Warcraft threads that deliver.

First, a noob druid asks the community for some advice about the various animal forms available. Well. At least that’s what I think he’s asking. As Tusk of Gorgonnash writes later, ” It’s almost like…he’s trying to COMMUNICATE with us!!” Attrayu of Crushridge wrote:

need help to figure out.

1. druids can get 4 animals, but use 3. 1 for fighting, which is bear. 2 for invisible. 3 for shooting. 4 for being fast.

is it fair to be fast and invisible at same time or do you need to switch into bear?

The real entertainment is how the community works together to solve the puzzle, just what the fuck is he talking about?

(Thread archive)

Second, Grunk, noob shaman of Suramar, asked for a Blue (official Blizzard) response about which site is the best for buying gold:

Can anyone tell me a good site to buy gold at? I need to respec.

Since our guild is able to raid every night and I work every day, I have no longer have time to farm, but I can afford to spend $25-$50. Where do I get the best bang for my buck?

As Grunk explained later:

I just want to know if anyone here, particularly blue, knows the most cost efficient place to buy gold.

I mean really, most of blue have bragged about their characters getting to 60 and in endgame instances, and apparently they have full time jobs, so they should be able to relate to the desire/need to purchase gold with online cash.

It’s funny cuz it’s true. True, hence funny.

(Thread archive because I KNOW that thread is bound for deletion.)

Have you found any threads that deliver? Maybe they’re buried in General on page 33 or they’re hidden in your realm forums where I’m unlikely to find them. Send the link to my contact info: You’ll get full credit if published PLUS you’ll have the satisfaction of a job well done.