A Cyber Tale

Originally posted by Sligoth of Warcraft’s Thunderlord realm, deleted, and then, through the wonders of internet cache, this cyber tale is now resurrected: “My name is Sligoth, and I am a level 41 rogue. On a day like any other, I was farming up copper to hand in for the war effort when I ran by a little hut near Orgrimmar. Strange things were said in that hut and – being an adult – it did not take me long to figure out that some serious World of Warcraft cyber was underway.” Screenshots are included, or, if you are as annoyed by imageshack as I am, I’ve mirrored the shots in a Flickr set. (Forum thread archive)

4 thoughts on “A Cyber Tale

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  2. Ha! I’ll never get tired of seeing cybering peeps get busted – why don’t they ever just use /whisper instead?

  3. Say it ain’t so…

    I sadly know a wife/husband duo that play on Thunderlord and even worse I work with the husband. As far as I’m concerned this is him and his wife… buahahahahaha.

  4. This story reminded me of that fumbling cybersex example that was floating around the web a few years back where the guy uses scissors to cut off the woman’s clothes. As I went to hunt down that link, which I believe I originally read on Something Awful, I ran across this little bit of drama between the author of “Realistic Cybersex” and many of the sites that were running the piece (originally published in July 1996 Playboy?).

    Anyways, you can find “Realistic Cybersex” all over the net with a Google, although I prefer this one since it appears unstaged and Chet’s screams of “DO U KNOW WHO I AM? I AM IMPORTANT” are priceless.

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