Are All Cow Druids Lying Douchebags?

Well, well, lookee here. While searching for more info on that rumored teleport-rezz-rogue-LBRS-hack, I ran across this Warcraft forum thread, authored by Hornwood, lying douchebag of Medivh. Quoting the relevant material:

… I think the defining moment of last night was when we gathered at 12 AM (our scheduled time to ring the gong) after 7 crashes, and OUR SCEPTRE HOLDER WAS STUCK IN A QUEUE OF 2300+. We had to wait over an hour and 15 minutes for him to log in, all the while asking the level 1 alts to please leave the server (which they didn’t do, even though most were halfway across the world).

I had a very interesting conversation with (to put it bluntly) an absolute ass from I asked him, as we all were, to log out his level 1 alt so we could speed up the process, prevent crashes and start getting screens up. He said “No, I have every right to be here. Blame Blizzard for this mess.” I said to him well, you’ve seen the server crash, and you know you’re a part of it. You know Medivhians need to be on to get this ball rolling. I pretty much think YOU are the problem here. …

First of all, I wasn’t even logged into my Medivh alt for the gong ringery. Secondly, no one asked me to log out my alt, (again, I wasn’t on the alt anyways because I got my story already and am through with Medivh). Thirdly, the quote he assigns to me he has pulled out of his ass. I never said to anyone, on the Medivh server in tells, in general, in party, or offline either … “No, I have every right to be here. Blame Blizzard for this mess.”

Y’see, when you use quotation marks, or a blockquote as I have done above, generally it should be what someone has actually said or written.

Lastly, Hornwood writes that he said to me … “you’ve seen the server crash, and you know you’re a part of it. You know Medivhians need to be on to get this ball rolling. I pretty much think YOU are the problem here.” Even if he’s paraphrasing, huh? The server didn’t crash when I was on Medivh. If it crashed later, how would I see that? How would I be a part of that if I’m not logged in?

Fucking Blizzard! Did they put me in charge of infrastructure and didn’t warn me??

Congrats Hornwood. I may be an ass, hell, I AM an ass, but I’m not a lying douchebag.

Addendum: I address this issue only so that regular readers, WoW forum visitors and non-primadonna Medivh residents will understand that I never had that conversation with anyone; I never used those words, nor did anyone use those words in response while speaking, emailing, or IM’ing me. (Thread archive of above link 1/24/06)

16 thoughts on “Are All Cow Druids Lying Douchebags?

  1. haha. He must be one of those tools that got wtfpwnt on your other post so he ran to the whineboards where you’d probably not see and couldn’t defend yourself. what a coward.

    btw, I love your reports, please keep doing them.

    A 60 Tauren Druid that isn’t a lying douchebag,

  2. I, too, enjoy your site and am glad to see you righting the libelous wrongs executed against you. 🙂

    I have a 41 Tauren Druid and I can promise she isn’t a douchebag.

  3. Also a 60 tauren druid that doesn’t suck (much) – sorry to see that some douchebag thought that lying was the right thing to do.

  4. dude i have 2 60’s on medivh and know hornwood….he is a dumbass and the whole server knows it

    This guy was actually going around trying to get as many dishonorable kills as he could. He would go into alliance towns and attack quest givers. Here’s the best part, he got on our vent server and bitched for 30 min b/c he was being ganked by alliance and we wouldn’t help his stupid ass.

  5. I think Blizzard should definitely put you in charge of infrastructure. It would certainly liven things up.

  6. I am Hornwood.

    For the record, the person I spoke to was named Asquo (a level 2 alt). I literally have the chat logs in front of me. He whispered me from an area outside Silithus after I had commented in general chat that I hope none of those AFKgamer ‘alt reporters’ are logged in while Kalahad, our sceptre holder, was trying to make his way through the queue. Asquo immediately whispered me afterward saying “You have something to say about my afkgamer boys?”

    Let’s review actual quotes from the conversation (again direct from the chat log):

    Me: “We would prefer all the alts leave the realm. Our sceptre bearer can’t get on.”
    Asquo: “I have every right to be here. I want to see what’s going on.” (I think he was in the Mulgore at the time)
    Me: “That’s fine, but the servers can’t handle it. We will be posting plenty of screenshots and videos.”

    He apparently wasn’t satisfied with that.

    Asquo: “There’s nothing wrong with me (level 2 alt) going to Silithus.”
    Me: “Actually, there is. Levels 1-30 are temporarily banned from the area. That’s why you were teleported.”

    He then proceeded to belabor the point that teleportion doesn’t mean Blizzard didn’t want him there. Never mind that Blizzard posted exactly that, “yes, we don’t want you there”. Never mind they went to extraordinary measures to prevent more alts from being created.

    Me: “Regardless, we’d really like to get the event going. It’s been over an hour now and the alts are just clogging up queue.”

    He proceeded to spout a mess of profanity.

    After a few minutes of not hearing from him, he gave me this gem:

    Asquo: “Medivh cheated to get first anyway.”
    Me: “Huh?”
    Asquo: “You bought all of your mats. Check the gold sites. They’re all sold out.”

    Now, this was beyond ludicrous. First off, the money involved to buy 3.8 million mats would’ve been astronomical (on the order of several hundred thousand dollars). Second, after being asked to “Find one site that still has Medivh gold for sale”, the first site I go to (IGE) and was completely full of gold. After I pointed this out to him, he again when into a fountain of profanity saying I “don’t know what I’m doing”, and I ended up ignoring him.

    I can see now that this alt had no association whatsoever with afkgamer and was just some random idiot at the event. Asquo didn’t even identify himself as being afkgamer, i made a poor assumption and should have quizzed him further so I understood the situation. Because I was so quick to overeact, I made libelous statements on the Warcraft forums. Fortunately, many people didn’t believe me anyways, but for those that did, I can understand that they did so using false information that I provided.

    Maybe I’ve now learned a lesson about zealotry and honesty. I won’t be so quick to copy and paste my responses all over the net and to demand a response in email when a blog author has responded to me in full in the comment area. I won’t seek refuge on a community message board or other area that I know the blog author is unlikely to see my statements and therefore, cannot adequately defend himself or herself.

    I also know that no one likes having words put into their mouth and I have Foton to thank for that.

    P.s. I know Nick and he’s just playing. First of all, he knows I can’t pvp a lick. Secondly, if you look at the pvp rankings you’d see I have only 1 dishonorable kill (from a Gnomereggan raid a long, long time ago). And I don’t think Fury even has a vent server. 😉

  7. Hornwood just learned a couple of valuable lessons about the internet, kids.

    Just to head off any future trouble, if someone sends you a tell in game claiming to be me or to roll with me, they’re lying. If someone touches you at night and says they’re Foton or that they’re touching you at Foton’s behest, they’re lying. Plus you’d need some heavy duty therapy.

    Class dismissed.

  8. Only been 2 afaik, Foton and Raster, and he only posted twice iirc.

    However, I think the lines you quoted didn’t really imply they were from afkgamer, and even if so, you fed them the line, no surprise they used it to wind you up 🙂

  9. If someone touches you at night and says they’re Foton or that they’re touching you at Foton’s behest, they’re lying.

    They told me they loved me. I suppose that’s a lie too. 🙂

  10. As a Medivh resident since WoW launched, I can indeed confirm that Hornwood is a lying douchebag. He of the famous “my kids got threatened irlz” lies, and the complete fabrication of physical threats from one of the community’s most respected members (and subsequent deletion of those claims). Yes, Hornwood has something of a reputation for lying and douche-related containment.

  11. i’m also a Medivh resident that can atest to the fact that Hornwood is the lying-est liar in lie-town.

  12. I believe Sir Fatherbones said it best. No one believed him in the first place – this is just icing on the cake.

  13. I hate to break form, but not knowing Hornwood all I can say is that it’s pretty funny to imply that Medivh bought all the supplies – they’re not exactly sold by NPC vendors, so somebody had to farm them. I can’t believe everyone who gathered 3 million linen happens to be employed by but if they were and are now that much richer from the PvE uberguilds, uh, so?

  14. The truth of the matter is I won all the mats needed for the opening.

    Two towns over.

    In a truth telling contest.

    Also, this is pretty good Hornwood, but this isn’t classic Hornwood. If you ever need some material you should definitely do a full piece on him. Just post on Medivh forums and ask for Hornwood stories.

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