A Party Atmosphere

You must know that I couldn’t resist. After reading about the hubbubbub and the bruhaha on the Warcraft Medivh server over the giant influx of level one spectators, tourists and jagoff wannabes, I just have to see for myself.

Now here’s the thing, I’m just here to observe. I understand the mathematics of queues and lag, but I didn’t design this community event and I’m not in charge of allocating Warcraft hardware resources, so all I’ll say is “Congrats Medivh” and “This is the price of fame”, I’d also say “cry more” and “too bad, so sad”, but I’m trying not to be a douche.

AFK Gamer has a small team of reporters covering the Medivh globe; screenshotting our way from graveyard to graveyard on our epic journey to Silithus.

01/17/06 — HOUR ONE

The first thing to greet us, other than Welcome to World of Warcraft, was the spammed guild invites to the tourist guild. What a friendly server!

Guild Invite

We left soon after joining the tourist guild because damn, unless they have a warlock to summon us straight to Cenarion Hold in Silithus, what’s the point?

We were soon to realize, however, that the natives were not as friendly as our tour guides.

More later as we edit raw screenshot feeds and witness the mayhem history …

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