More Control Deleting

Oh it ain’t over, baby. The Ctrl Alt Delete guild drama rages on — now, new and improved with better rumors and allegations of photographic misconduct: Webcomic fans gather to discuss the size of Buckley’s ego on the Blank Label Comics forums, including a reprinted PM from Buckley, defending his position on Webcomics Appreciation Day (2nd post on that link). Finally, allegations of photographic misconduct on the Rantings of Madmen forums. (btw, there might be an image link there that is NSFW. Click through with caution.) While all of this has little to do with gaming, it does prove one thing … there is at least one group of people more maniacal than gamers: gamer webcomic fans.

Raid Ruined by Snowballs

From the Warcraft forums, Molten Core raid RUINED by thoughtless snowballing. Guildleader penalizes the raid with a DKP penalty; players OUTRAGED. For Warcraft noobs, if you hurl a snowball at a group member, they are stunned/knockbacked and God kills a warlock. I say that as if I know that from personal experience, don’t I? (As with all Warcraft forum links, the thread will expire and disappear into the Internet Trash Bin. READ IT NOW.)