So This is Christmas

Best Damn Tavern in Stormwind

(There’s your clickable holiday treat: a pic of the best damn tavern in Stormwind. The bartender is always AFK so the drinks are on the house.)

Don’t spend the holiday weekend in some remote graveyard, or as a ghost, or naked at your bindpoint, or however your game of choice punishes you for death. Take some time off and put in face time with the family and friends. Play your cards right and you’ll get guilt-free gaming the next week. Lots of it.

Speaking of drinking heavily and pretending to listen to family conversation, AFK Gamer is AFK for the holidays.

Have a good one,


3 thoughts on “So This is Christmas

  1. Thanks for all the great entertainment this year, Foton..
    Live long and prosper..

    Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box they
    Tumble blindly as they make their way
    Across the universe..

  2. Happy Holidays, Foton!

    We drink to you, tonight! (…well, Grandma doesn’t drink…….I drink….I drink too much…….what the hell I am DOING to my body?!……….am I just STUPID?!……………maybe I should STOP…………nope!)

    I drink to you tonight!!

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