One Hour in the Life of a Raid Leader

My long, hard day of work is finally over, so I figure I’ll log on and play a bit and relax. Good plan, in theory anyway…

I log on about an hour or so before start times to make sure things are in order and won’t start late. Before I’ve even finished loading in, I’m bombared with …

Recruit_01: What zone we doing tonight?
Recruit_02: What’s a zone?
Recruit_03: What’s vent?
Recruit_04: What loot can I roll on?
Recruit_05: I don’t understand dkp, so I’ll just roll on everything I want

After explaining to them what a zone is, where we’re raiding, what vent (Ventrilo) is and how to get it working, what DKP is and how it works and yelling at Recruit_05 for being an idiot, I look to see who’s online and start making plans for the raid. Sadly, I don’t get very far..

Recruit_03: I downloaded the vent server client and don’t see any options
Recruit_04: Why do I start with 0 dkp?
Recruit_05: Why was I kicked out of the raid?
Recruit_04: It’s not fair, I should be able to get stuff today

I politely (not) tell Recruit_03 he needs the vent client and then explain the facts of life to Recruit_04 and Recruit_05. Thankfully, yelling tends to shut them up and preserve what’s left of my sanity.

About 30 minutes before our raids start, I begin the invites. Simple process right? Hahaha …

Idiot_03 informs me he still needs an invite. I attempt to invite said idiot and he is grouped. I explain that he is in a group and he needs to disband. Again, Idiot_03 asks for an invite yet he is still grouped. I inform Idiot_03 that he needs to relog because I assume he’s bugged. Idiot_03 asks for another invite and is still grouped. By now, I’m at the end of my rope and I inform Idiot_03 I want to kill him and he replies, “Oops! I forgot to disband lol”.

Now I’m hoping that nobody else has something stupid to bug me with. Alas, I’m dissapointed yet again. Rogue_32 tells you, “I am in winterspring farming gold, please give me on time dkp and summon me”. After asking Rogue_32 which part of on time he didn’t understand, I inform him also that I want to kill him.

Priest_03 chimes in to defend him. Priest_03 tells me, “You’re mean and a raid nazi”. I think to myself, “You say that like your opinion actually matters to me”. After a few polite (not) words to Priest_03, she leaves me alone the rest of the night. Rogue_32 continues to whine and finally shuts up after he realizes I’ve long since /ignored his ass.

Warrior_26 logs on and demands an invite. I inform him that the raid is full and he was 15 minutes late for invites. After much whining it finally sinks in that if he ever wants to raid again he should quickly stfu.

Finally, everyone is in the zone and we’re getting ready to begin. I ask everyone to start buffing and for pulls to begin in a few minutes. Pally_03 decides he is bored and doesn’t want to wait the few minutes. Next thing I see is two Molten Giants running down upon us as Pally_03 has shielded and run out of the zone. Those that weren’t AFK race for the zoneline too.

This same pally then decides to go without equipment and agro anything within range. A few choice words to Pally_03 and I assume (falsely) that all is now well.

We reach the safe spot before Lucifron and kill off the first Hound pack. A 40-man raid of people who have been clearing Molten Core for 6 months couldn’t possibly wipe on Lucifron, could they?

Pally_03 decides to run up the cave and train the imps down on us during the fight and my blood is boiling. I have a great idea to cheer myself up again.

Pally_03 has been removed from the guild.

Truly, few things give me more joy than seeing those words in my chat box.

2 thoughts on “One Hour in the Life of a Raid Leader

  1. Why is the _Raid_ Leader dealing with _Guild_ recruits? The latter should be the _Guild_ Leader’s job, or (better) the Recruit Liason Officer’s.

    Forming groups: I don’t know how it works in WoW, but in EQ we used to just say: Everyone set lfg on, clerics grab balanced groups, then the raid leader would just invite the fully formed groups into the raid.

    Both times, Delegation FTW.

  2. ahhh the joy of the gkick. we got that pleasure just the night when an initiate, thinking he was leet cause he’s a dwarf priest, just couldn’t understand how there wasn’t a spot in the raid because it was full with members and that initiates don’t get spots over members. after a few minutes of crying justice was served. oh the joy.

    and about you 30 mins to setup/send out invites…
    have you ever heard of GEM?? Guild Event Manager. its great, it lets you schedule raids ingame where anyone who has GEM(mandatory for raiding in our guild) can look at the raid events and subscribe with any of their characters to the raid, all while in game. and then the person who setup the event can just click the “invite all” button and it invites everyone in the order they subscribed. its a great tool, we get invites out and head to the raid in under 10 mins of start time now.

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