Burning Funk

More Warcraft details from last weekend’s BlizzCon are available over at Atomic. There’s some info on the Blood Elves’ planned racial skills, upcoming changes to fishing, enchanting and epic equipment, expanded talent trees, more Crack Houses, blah blah.

And, there’s this little snippet, Update 2:

Blizzard plans to add digital signature checking for mods, to prevent the use of mods like Decursive. Details are not known at this stage as to when this will be implemented but designer Rob Pardo said that ‘they’re close’.

I’m not a big fan of the automagic mods, don’t use any myself, but I surely benefit from them, particularly the autocure varieties.

What would be the big deal here anyhow, except it doesn’t fit with Blizzard’s “Vision” for encounters? If that’s the vision, hunting for the cursed and popping a cure repeatedly, then I gotta say … THE VISION SUCKS. There are other mods out there that are far more … let’s say iffy, for changing the game to an almost bot experience — for the most part though, mods just patch gaping holes in the Warcraft UI.

Also, stop crawling up my computer’s ass in the name of gaming purity.


4 thoughts on “Burning Funk

  1. Way to pimp the best australian pc mag!

    Yeah, as a druid, no moer decursive is going to make me cry, time to watch entire parties die as I tab threw looking for why people are losing hundreds of health, or forgetting to remove a few that do 4k+ damage after 60 seconds.

    go blizz go!

  2. ct raidassist makes it easy to see when someone in a raid gets a debuff, and uses a different color to highlight them depending on the type. which is very useful. but you still need to target and cast by yourself, so i’m sure they’ll still allow somethin like that. and unless you’re way slow, you can always target the next person before the cooldown on the spell is done anyways… so its a non-issue, but you actually do have to play.

  3. you can also set a key-bind to your preferred curing key with CTra and then it automatically targets and casts for you 😉

    playing a mage, a priest and a pala myself i’d probably miss my decursive, but we managed kazzak before it was around so i think we can manage again…

  4. Ya, there are ways to work around this. Not as plug and play as using a mod, and believe you me, my guild’s decursers NEED plug and play. Asking them to prioritize their casts (read: THINK) … well, it will be painful for a while.

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