Why MMORPGs Suck

Why MMORPGs Suckcopy of a rant from the VNBoards (remember when those were the shit?). Undated and uncredited author. Shame, it’s a great rant and further, we should be glad he/she got that off their chest before taking up a rifle in a clocktower. EDIT: Originally posted on massivemultiplayer.org, October 19, 2002 by The Bman. (archive)

4 thoughts on “Why MMORPGs Suck

  1. Whoa whoa. Put down the rifle. We’re all friends here.

    Thanks for the clarification, I’ll correct that now before anyone gets hurt.

  2. Not upset at all. I just really hate vnboards. And the people on them. And the people who built them. And the people who paid for them. And the people who manufactured the server hardware. And the people who gave jobs to the people who spawned the inbred fuckwits posting on the boards. And their mailmen.


    Where’s my rifle?

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