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Yahoo! Groups : WoW Widows — Not entirely unexpected, World of Warcraft has an internet support group for those abandoned and neglected by their Warcraft-playing loved ones. Unless you have a similar issue at home, you should only read and reflect. You don’t go to the circus, jump into the center ring and start doing tricks with the lions, fcs.

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  1. Here I am up at 2am because my husband just came to bed at his regular time again after playing WOW. I am so sick of this game. I have begged and pleaded for just a bit of his time but no the guild he is incharge of now is too important.

    I don’t get it. All he does is play play play. He gets mad at me when I go out 1 time a week to the casino with my mother to play a bit of slots but its okay for him to sit 7 days a week and play for up to 6-8 hrs at a time. Calculated out that is almost 42 hours a week-more than the hours he works! He would rather play than sleep most nights.

    I think it’s sad that I can google search world of warcraft widow and come up with this site or any other site for that matter on this topic. What a strange world we live in.

  2. I can really sympathise with all of you here. My boyfriend of four years is a WoW addict, and while I don’t mind his gaming, when i lean over to him and whisper in his ear to sexily invite him to bed and he says “No babe, i’m busy on the raid”, that’s when you realise how serious his problem is.

    As I said, I’m a gamer myself, while I don’t like WoW, I play Stormreach online, but even though I play, my sessions are about 2-3 hours every 2 or 3 days!

    I finally got through to him though, I took the car while he was too oblivious in the game to notice my leaving, and went to stay at a sympathtic friend’s house. He panicked at 1am when he finally got up for a bathroom break to realise I wasn’t there and almost rang the police before i came home to confront him. We did have a big fight (i think my method of getting the messge through was rather cruel), but he got the message that I will not put up with him putting the game before our relationship.

    It’s been a week now, and although he still plays, the amount of time he spend on it has definately decreased, which was all I wanted in the first place. Hopefully now he can keep this up, and I get the loving, sweet guy that I used to love back.

  3. fuckin fuck. you fuckin hound me for sex and when our CHILD you hardly spend any time with is finally asleep you blow me off for your WoW friends? Let’s see who gets blowed now. Ain’t gonna be you, fucker.

  4. and, BTW, i played Diablo to hell several times before we had the kid. i loved it but i can discern between entertainment and responsibility and clearly, you ain’t fulfilling your responsibilites.

    our marriage is a fucking commitment to our union but i don’t feel united with anything other than my vibe lately.

  5. Well I just read over all these posts…makes you think hard about things.

    My BF plays WOW…too much for me sometimes. I cannot see myself playing ever…why? Because they actually want you to pay 15.00 a month for that…uh no.

    I love him so I am willing to put up with it…to a point. BTW I HATE sappy chickflicks…so don’t start that crap. I just want to spend some time face to face talking, going out and doing things instead of seeing the back of his handsome head every weekend.

    I am tired of hearing about the raids…I am tired of hearing ‘the guild needs me’…what about me needing him?

    I dunno…wish there was some way those of us out there who do actually know what we are going through to help our loved ones to STOP the addiction. Tone it down a bit…

  6. I am tired of hearing about the raids. I am tired of hearing ‘the guild needs me’

    And they say that WE are needy…sheesh!

  7. I really wish I had known what to do, I tried asking nicely, tried making nice meals, got dvds (horror & war), tried dressing up, told him we were having problems everything. The more I tried to heal us, the more he pulled away. It really is an addiction, it kills families.
    It’s too late for us now, what a waste of twenty years & our loved kids.
    I drove past him the other day, past our old house with our eldest in the car, he did a u-turn and parked beside me, would the window down and was very tearfully telling us how much he loved us & missed us, blowing kisses, it broke my heart to see him so upset, even tho I knew he was going home to her. When I pulled away I burst into tears and just kept saying, stupid man, stupid, stupid man, while our daughter was getting choked. I know he’s not happy, we’re not happy, he’s invited us for a long weekend when she’s gone home, wants to take us all out to the pictures, have a drink, get an Indian, and there’s only one bed at his house. I’ve had to say no, because I know what will happen, my eldest said ‘everytime Daddy breaks your heart he breaks ours too’ I can’t let him hurt us again.
    Does anybody know if you can claim compensation from Blizzard for the loss of husband, family home, and all the hurt & upset? They owe me and my fatherless children!

  8. I have finally put my foot down. I told it is WOW or his family. If WOW is more important to him than his family, then he is welcome to take his computer and find somewhere else to park his computer.

    If his family is more important then he is to close out his WOW accounts and make his family his number one priority again.

    Last year I kicked him out of the house because of his addiction. He begged me to let him come back and he would cut back on gaming time. Which he did for a couple months but then slowly it became worse again. So this time there is no cutting back. It’s all or nothing.

    I don’t have time to be a parent to another teen ager when I have 2 boys that are soon going to be teen agers themselves!

    I was patient for 12 years with an alcoholic in my previous marriage. I will NOT be that patient this time around. The kids and I are worth so much more than that!

  9. Angie carter??? R you from Martinsville? You sound really familiar and the same first and last name of agirl i was so in love with once!

  10. ….i think everyone shoud …stop complaining about a game cuz its only a game …its your decision on if you want to ruen a relationship or not …if you know the person well enough then they should love you bck even if you play games or not …me and my BF use to play it …together if you think posotive about it and not negative then you wont have these stupis convos on a comp…its stupid haha i laugh at all you ppl lol but anyways ,…its your call if you wanna play WOW or not ..haha personally …i love it 😛 ” ruened relationships go to WOW, or WOW ruens relationships” …pick one 😛 L8ER

  11.  ruened relationships go to WOW, or WOW ruens relationships. pick one L8ER

    Your name wasn’t the only thing you mis-spelt

  12. I’m so sick of this sexless marriage due to late night WoW I WANT TO SCREAM!!!…and screw some one else…

  13. Sorry Craig, my married name is Angie Carter, and I come from England, so it’s not me I’m afraid.

  14. And as for Sabrina, who are you? and are you a few keys short of a keyboard……

  15. yeah Sabrina…I’m afraid no one is going to take your post very seriously when you sound so f’in stupid. You sound like the stupid pathetic type of a person that would be playing WOW all day and thinking your BF looks hot while raiding…not impressed. If anything you only validated my feelings towards this game and the people that play it…pathetic socially retarded losers.

  16. actually Sabrina…if english is your second language than I kinda apologize for the post above. If not, I stand by it.

  17. hi my names craig my sisters bf has gotten addicted to wow and now my parents wont let me play i dont play much maybey only 5-10 a week but they say they dont wanna take the risk i think this is really unfair i have even put it on parent control for them but they wont have any of it can anyone help me plz email me if u can acdc10rock@hotmail.com

  18. OMFG! Hesitant! You are the same idiot you are criticizing! I hope English is your second language because not only do you not know the difference between THAN or THEN, but English is actually capitalized. Stop spending your time criticizing people you retarded ignorant bitch. Feel free to criticize me when you get your Master’s degree too!

  19. Muffdiver…lol…okay. Touche. Guess I should have proof read that one. Having masters degree doesn’t make you any less ignorant! I read your previous posts and I could careless what a disillusioned WoW’er thinks of me. People that not only play this game, but also, those who spend an absured amount of time online are so out of touch with real life that I could careless what you think. Join the rest of us in the real world and put your education to use rather than spending your spare time in the glare of a monitor while complaining about your partners lack of “freaky sex”. Do you think she can be atracted to you while you are in front of the computer?

  20. Angie,I lived in England for five years, Bedfordshire, england to be more detailed. Man do I miss it over there, so very romantic. actually, your post soundslike a romantic tragedy!

  21. Hi Craig, yes, it feels like a romantic tragedy, he was my soul mate, best friend & lover since I was 18, not much older than our kids. He was such a wonderful man, I adored him and he me. When the kids were small, we had a wonderful life, he didn’t want to go out, if he did he would always be home early because he missed me.
    Then the internet turned up, he started drinking and just sitting there, I was working evenings while the kids were in bed to make ends meet, when I found out about his first affair with a 15 yr old, met on the internet, he said it was my fault, because I was working for our family and he was bored.
    I forgave him and I took a full time job in the day & left our babies for him. Seven affairs later, mostly met on warcraft, but including my best friend (because I didn’t understand him) and my sister-in-law(because he was drunk?) I’ve finally given on forgiving him and saved myself & the kids.
    He said the internet & warcraft & booze were his escape from me but he is still doing it, it wasn’t me, it was his obssession. He looks so bad, because of the booze and lack of food/fresh air, his skin is bad, his teeth are rotting, he is losing weight, he is always ill & looks dreadful, I’m really worried about him but am powerless to help, his conversations are totally screwy, he’s lost too many brain cells, he thinks he has done nothing wrong, it’s fine to spend every waking hour playing warcraft, stuff the kids, stuff work, stuff the wife & don’t stuff the wife :0)

    I’m trying to forget him, it’s hard after 20 years to stop caring.

    Craig, your first message to me was very romantic, it’s nice to know that some men are still worth talking to.
    Thank you

  22. Angie, i feel so crushed by your tragedy. I am so very touched because I have been through the same thing. In a strange twist by a girl with the same name as yours. I endlessly search for her love, but how can I be so stupid!? I hopeyou find the happiness you so very much want! Yousound so very sad. If you can, pour your love into your children. It is so very hard to let go of memories; however, memories are the past. And if we can’ let go of our past it will ruin our future!

  23. :0)

    Thanks Craig, I’m getting there!
    Hope you get there too.

    History should remain in the past

  24. Kate, sorry! I am just very touched by Angie’s situation. For some odd reason I am worried for her. She seems like she just wants to be loved by someone, I feel a need to reach out and give her a hug 😉

  25. God damnit that was a long thread.

    It seems to me you are a bunch of useless broads. I mean really, listen to yourselves. Im serious, go back and read what you’ve posted. Do you have any idea just how pathetic you sound? My boyfriend doesnt pay attention to me. My fiance’ is having cybersex with 15 year old boys pretending to be girls. My husband would rather play a game then have sex with me. Im not sure how you missed it but there is two very common things that are coming out of this thread.

    1) You are in a relationship where your lesser other is largely treating you poorly. Holy crap, I dont think anyone has ever had to deal with that before. You think WoW is the problem? Yeah… right. WoW is just a mechanism for the larger problem. If it wasnt WoW then it would be work. If it wasnt work it would be the pub and spending time with his mates. If it wasnt any of those it would be something else equally mundane, common and frankly – typical. WoW is not the problem here, the problem is that you, like every person in the entire fucking world at some stage or another, is in a relationship that is not working. Get over it for fuck sake.

    2) You are actually dealing with someone who is addicted to WoW like a heroine user is addicted to heroine. This is a different situation, and in the same way that a heroine addict ruins the lives of all those around him until he hits absolute rock bottom after alienating everyone that knows and cares for him and he ultimately dies or gets clean, people who are physically addicted to WoW, or anything really, other MMOs, alcohol, sex, or even work are identical. People have died from playing being addicted to WoW, so consumed that they simply forgot to eat for days straight – no one is trying to deny that it can be addictive. You need to seek professional help, you need to distance yourself from that person, you need to let them realise just how badly their habit is destroying everything that they hold dear, and hopefully, at the end of it all, they will come out of it. Do not allow yourself to be dragged down with them. If you partner started shooting up heroine, you would not hesitate to take your children away from someone who is obviously self-destructive and dangerous to be around. There is no difference here.

    And so there you have it, either STFU (shut the fuck up) and get over yourselves because its not an addiction, its that they just arent that interested. Or alternatively, get help, get out and put yourself and your family first. If you cant tell the difference? Then the answer is resolutely the first, and honestly, you must be really really fucking bored to come read / post here.

  26. Not bored, just desperate to know if others have been thru the same, and that I’m not mad.
    Probably the problem is a bit of both of your arguments but it still left the kids without a Dad.
    He can’t afford to eat, go to the dentist or have his heating on but he can still afford to pay for Warcraft & his internet, he’s now going on about maybe loosing his flat, which I paid the deposit on, & first month’s rent plus the furniture. That’s an addiction and that’s why I have taken my kids away, but it doesn’t stop us loving him, or it being a tragedy and I know he’s in pain too.

    And Craig, thank you, I did need a hug, and I felt I got one

    Oh and Mark, if that’s you…………

  27. Angie: Yes you are obviously catagory B. And yes, im sure you loved him, but tough love is what he needs. Let him lose his house, its a shame you probably wont be getting that deposit back, or the first months rent, but in the greater scheme of your situation I dont think that is too important, do you?

    Only when he looks up from the side of the street, and makes the realisation of what has happened to his life – will it be time for him to start the process of putting the pieces back together. Until then hes still on the downward spiral, and the longer you try to help him the more you are just extending that spiral. Sure, dont give up on him, be there for him at the end, but dont try and fix things along the way. There is a definte point in every case where help actually becomes a detrimental contribution, when an addict is far enough along the road that they need to make a self-realisation and they need to be the ones that instigates the process, not you. With any luck maybe your children will have their father back someday, but from your perspective, moving on was definitely the right choice.

  28. Yes, you are absolutely right, I know it deep down, do wish it hadn’t happened tho, he was a lovely man.

    Moving away was the only choice in the end, but we are so much better off and looking to the future.

  29. LMAO man I just can’t contain my laughter at you fucking contraDICKting shity hormonal freaks, like you’re moaning and whining about your fucking men spending all their time playing wow or what ever game you want to moan about, shitting hell you D- retards, you do realise that this gaming is done on the internet don’t ya??? Hell no of course you don’t, how could you with your own heads so far up your arses you see the moon with teeth around it, talk about reality, the real world, pull your heads out once in a while, wash your own righteous shit from your eyes and god damn hair and then take a real good look around you, oh yea, and while you’re at it, have a think where another term for “WIDOW” comes from, could it be anything to do with the “BLACK WIDOW SPIDER” the self-righteous arachnid that kills off it’s spouse once it’s had what it needs from him, shit, you calling them addicts and nerds, what the fuck you all think you’re doing here posting! man if only you women were as good at sucking your men as you are at posting, then maybe you’d not be single and looking for “Mind Loooooove” and sympathy. Geeeeeeez
    But also Widows of wow, beware, be very aware as there is a new arachnid amongst you, prowling this forum for his prey, yes I said a he and his transparency is so obvious should you wipe your self pitiful tears from your mind, but don’t worry for the Son of God is here to save you all, kneel God damn it and bow before the Oracle of all relational problems, be praised LMAO
    PS, yea man, contadickting was miss-spelt on purpose, for those of you who might think I’m from outer Mongolia just to appease your instability. Thank you for the laughs by the way 🙂
    And no, I don’t play wow, I just know women are as fucked up as men, rock on dudetts.

  30. Just wanted to leave a note that women are not the only victims here. But, I can completely relate to them. I have two children, an 8 year old and 10 month old. My wife because consumed with L2 when I was bored of playing after 1 month. Not knowing how deeply addicted she was, I let her have her freedom to play. Something she would dramatically insist on having. HER FREEDOM TO PLAY. Little did I know that she was chatting out of game and even having cybersex with some of the damn geek boys! This was her “safe” cheating as they weren’t in person. As if any phone sex would be forgiveable as well… I would often comment on the flirtation and insist that she not get wrapped up in these trivial relationships. Stupid ass me since she had already escalated to cheating. I let her talk me into getting WOW and she had boyfriends that followed. WTF! I should have cut it off, but all I could do was beg that she pay attention to our infant child and not yell at our 8 year old daughter. Forget the lack of her participation in my life or our home… Then she lashed out at me, saying I was to blame for her unhappiness. THAT I WAS A TYRANT AT HOME DEMANDING HER TO DO MY WILL…. Believe me, I have been nothing, but patient and look what it got me. I even believed her a little that maybe I did do something wrong, that I was to blame and did not deserve to live! DON’T LET THEM CONVINCE YOU!! YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG EXCEPT TRYING TO FIND A WAY TO WAKE THEM UP!! I’m afraid that divorce may be inevitable, but I care too much to give up now… She has deleted her game and all the elements that have come with the addiction! I have gotten her to delete her MySpace, IM, WOW, L2 and webmail accounts… I hope I can forgive her for her infidelity!!! Having a stable and happy family is so important, that I need to find a way to forgive and forget, but somehow not loose myself in doing that! I can’t deal with the pain forever, so how do I extinguish the anger and disgust I am suppressing inside???? There is so much to say, but this forum is already so long…

  31. Ok, couple of points, 1. yes I am aware that some, not all gaming is done on the internet. Your point about that being? switch it off? My kid is in final yr of high school and kinda needs it at the moment.
    2. Um, WIDOW used as term of a spouse that has died came before the spider, thats where the spiders got the name from. And how do you know they are self-righteous? The male spider may have pissed her off? She may have PMS? Doesn’t really matter, she wins 🙂
    3. WE are living in the REAL world. It is the addicted gamer that chooses to live in fantasyland.
    4.LOL the gamer would get more sucking if they got off the computer and showered more!
    5. yes I agree with this last statement.
    6. Anymore holes that you would like me to pick in your arguement little boy?

  32. LMAO if you liking little boys “Another Kate” you should not really be here, but then again who am i to criticise your desires like you do others LMAO 🙂

  33. Where did I say I “liked” little boys? Learn to read complete sentences not just words.

    I called YOU a little boy 🙂 and “like” has nothing to do with THAT!

  34. Why is “another kate” always on here? “Another kate”, I am a wife and I love WOW! Shut up with your tacky “feel sorry for me” inputs. I come on this site to read other info about the game and from time to time, I come to this blah blah forum and read what is up with the latest boohoos and I always see you. Maybe if you werent so busy on the internet pouring out your whiney butt comments then maybe your man or whatever would not have got busy fingering the keyboard and maybe fingering you. My husband and I play together and its awesome couple time and the foreplay is so much fun as well. We pst. each other with I think your sexy and hey baby come do me messages and trust me our bed sees much action.
    For everyone else that complains, like I have said before. Shut up..its just a game and understand there are some people, knowing I am one, that dont like to get out and fool with the rest of the stupid world. Rather get up go to work, come home kiss myhusband and enjoy a good dungeon or a few quest. Give my man some love and go to bed. Does the “other” person in your life HAVE to be sitting next to you at all times? GET A LIFE!!! I am not a big holy roller but if any of you are “christians” then read proverbs about a nagging wife.

    -A Nagging wife is like a drippy faucett!!!

  35. LOL at nagging wife. Most of my posts are not just about my life but about other’s stories.
    He wants to sit and play wow, you want to sit and play wow? great, good for you, I happen to like to go and and “fool” with the real world.

    And I don’t consider the 2 minutes it takes yo reply to a post before work as “spending all my time on here”. I check the news, read a few forums and thats about it. The rest of the time I spend at work, with my kids and with my family. You know, important stuff.

    Great that foreplay to you is a few key strokes while your partner kills a Boss, I prefer a real kiss compared to /kiss. Go figure.

    I even play wow *shock* but not to the detriment of my family. I am not anti-wow, I have a family and to me that should always come first. I would find it hard for anyone in their right mind to disagree that kids should wait until you finish a raid before you get them dinner or spend time with them.

    But that’s what some gamers do. It’s not just their “nagging” partners that they are ignoring, but the children that they chose to bring into this world. One woman had DSS on her doorstep because she left her husband in charge of the 2 yr old why she went shopping and when she got home the cops were there as the Dad was too busy playing wow he didn’t notice HIS child open the front door and go onto the road.

    This isn’t all about “me, me, me” we as parents are responsible for our kids. Maybe when you have some you will know this. Or if you do, you may have it more under control. But not everyone is like you.

  36. Well, I don’t know what to say to any of this because I’m only 16. I have a boyfriend who is completely drowning in world of warcraft, and I don’t really care that he wants to play, or whatever. It’s his choice. But what pisses me off is that he won’t give me a few minutes to say “Hi, how are you?” Instead, like he did on friday, he opens the door and runs back so he can finish his game and mind you, he lives in a building. I was made to walk 3 flights by myself in a place I’ve only been to three times in my life. Last night, I wanted to talk to him about being a little rude lately, and I wanted to ask him to lay off a bit, to which he laughed and didn’t take me seriously. He thought I was being accusatory and I was wrongfully accusing him of things he didn’t do. Believe me, and I think all girls will agree, but you just know when someone, especially your boyfriend, is giving you complete edge. Like last week, before the break, he was like, “Oh, I can’t wait to see you, I miss you…bla bla bla,” now all I get is a, “Sure, why not.” I’m not asking him to give up the game for me, I’m not asking for his complete attention. All I’m asking for is at least a good five minutes. Is that so wrong? Just a little respect and consideration. Last friday, I was there for two hours and I literally spent more time with his mother because he had a “quest” to complete. I was telling him this, and I noticed he wasn’t listening, and I asked if he was. He replied, ” I am, but what you’re telling me is unimportant.” I was shocked. I said, “So, you think that everything I’m telling you is unimportant?” and he said, “Well yeah.” I was literally going to cry, and lots of people think I should have slapped him, but we were on the phone so I couldn’t. I’m usually quite talkative, as in I like a good conversation, but I was growing quiet, which is what I do when I’m upset, and he asked me, “Are you going to say anything,” I said, “What do you want me to say?” He said, “I don’t know, but if you’re not going to say anything, then you are wasting my time.” I was completely floored. Shattered if you will. I asked, ” So are you saying I’m a waste of time?” to which he bluntly said, “Well, if you’re not going to say anything, then yeah you are. I’m busy playing and you’re just wasting my time and it’s pissing me off.” I’m not one to cry often, but that did it. I cried. That was one of the most hurtful things that anyone has ever said to me. I mean, I’ve had worse, but….Holy shit. Pardon my language, but, is this what becomes of those who become addicted to this game? I had no idea that it was “wrong” for a concerned girlfriend to ask for just a few minutes of her boyfriend’s time. Anyways, my mom found out, she somehow involved herself and was yelling, but I told her to go away. I’m a teenager so, yeah, you know how it is. She later said I was wasting phone and life time for this arguement, which of course just frustrated me even more. Then I ended up being late for school this morning, and she yelled at me saying I was stupid for arguing, and I was just being pitiful. I’m barely ever late, I’m actually quite early. Then I called her after school telling her I was going to Paul’s house and she wouldn’t let me simply because she thought he was “crap”. I didn’t do anything wrong, and I was being punished for a mere arguement that was no concern of hers. I told Paul, and he simply brushed it off his shoulders, told me to call him later, and hung up. No goodbye, nothing. Later on msn, he asked, “So I guess I’m not seeing you for a while huh?” and I said, “Maybe not. But think of it this way, more playing time for you.” He didn’t note my sarcasm and replied, “That’s right! Oh man! That’s great!” My boyfriend is falling for this game and he’s bringing our relationship with him. I don’t hate the game, I just hate what it’s doing to someone I care about. You may critisize me, saying I’m just a miniscule little teenager, what the hell do I know. She’s only 16, she “haven’t seen the world yet”. Well, I’ve seen enough of this world. And if all it has to offer is warcraft and a boyfriend that will say those things to me, when a week ago they were things he wouldn’t dare say, then I think this world needs to be remade. I think there needs to be a limit. But hey, what do I know?

  37. ‘LMAO’ you’re way too p*ssed off to be neutral, so what’s your story or are you one of the widow’s dead husbands……..shirty because it’s easier than taking responsibility for your actions, you sound angry at yourself.
    And as for WOWChick well, don’t really need to say anything, you’re a joke.
    RL Guy, hope you are happy in the future and she realises what an a*se she’s been. Another Kate, I’ve enjoyed your calm, rational posts, thank you

    Rebecca, leave him, you aren’t trapped yet, if he’s like this now it’ll only get worse.

    Now can all the nasty people on here just butt out, leave us alone to winge, you are obviously not reading the posts properly!

  38. Dear Widows and Gamers’ Significant Others,

    I appreciate all the stories you’ve told and the advice you’ve offered. I wish there were easy answers — it’s obvious there’s not.

    Unfortunately, this thread has grown to monster proportions and threatens to tear the very fabric of time and space. Thanks to the AFK Gamer sponsors, I can offer you a new home to share your experiences and tell your stories if you’d like.

    I’ve set up a small forum area where you’re free to continue the discussion or begin new ones: the AFK Gamer forums. The forums are powered by bbPress and don’t have bells and whistles, but they should be sufficient for conversation. The Widows sub-forum is just for you guys. (Gamers, you are on a short leash in that forum. Behave or I can make you behave.)

    I’m closing comments here, but if you have problems with the forums, you can always contact me at foton(at)afkgamer.com.

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