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The sixth Carnival of Gamers is rolling into a new town this Thursday, September 1 … my town, so to speak.

AFK Gamer will be hosting September’s showcase of gaming bloggery, buffoonery, and heartfelt gaming passion. No passion from me — I have no heart. But I hear others still do.

Unlike World of Warcraft’s Darkmoon Faire, I make no promises of grand rewards for hours of effort ONLY TO NERF THEM LATER (god, I’m bitter), but there will be some entertainment to while away Thursday’s working hours. Which is nice.

If you’re a blogger or a blogger poser, you can submit entries to the official Carnival email or to me directly at AFK Gamer’s email. If you’ve already submitted — good job, you’re an overachiever. (I KID!) If you want to make sure you’re on the docket, drop me an email and I’ll check.

No, elf porn does not count as an entry.

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  2. Not too late. After 11:59pm PT tonight, then too late, but plenty of time now.

    That favicon thing is a WP plugin, available here. Not sure if it’s easily reworked to other blog platforms, but works well for WordPress.

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