From the “I’m really sick of this bullshit” Department:

Hot Coffee, that sex minigame/mod inside Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Although Rockstar, and parent Take2 Interactive, getting caught with their metaphoric pants down was priceless, the game was, is and always will be (I’m being kind here) borderline-racist garbage.

Simulated sex would seem to be the least of its sins.

Not that I believe for even a second that any of this is accidental: the mod, the leak, the talk, the (hoped for) improved sales … funny how that works.

But, nice work on biting the hands that feed, Rockstar. Thanks. (assholes) I’m sure the rest of the industry will enjoy having to clean up this mess.

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What the? Where Did All This Extra Gold Come From?

It’s all over the net today: the latest, and possibly greatest, dupe bugs in World of Warcraft to date. No, I won’t tell you how, but as is typical with dupes, it involves rubberbanding (sync’ing issues), passing items around, and then TADA!! duped gold and items.

I don’t know how long this has been going on … for crissakes, I don’t follow the hack sites, but I hear things. I try to stay plugged into the grapevine and I hear things.

And what I heard was that there were “issues” with the instances. Fuck, I knew that, I’d been burned by instances since last Tuesday. Instances that wouldn’t load, instances that would drop me 20k feet, instances that didn’t spawn bosses, instances with no mobs whatsoever, instances that wouldn’t spawn AT ALL but would spit the group out into another instance (wtf) — frustrating, to say the least.

Anyhow, I suspect that either the chicken or the egg came first: either the instances were hyper goofy because Blizzard was rushing to fix the mess, or the hyper goofy instances begat the duping. Whichever way, please let the mess be over.

My thinking is that the lion’s share of the dupes are discovered accidentally. Y’know, there’s some buggy thing that goes on and the one guy notices his equipment and wealth has expanded, he mentions it to his bud, they carefully retrace their steps, there’s some trial and error, and then BA DA BING, they can replicate the dupe.

Naturally, they immediately tell absolutely everyone they know and it becomes a textbook example of why two people will never keep a secret forever.

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