Could RSS Invade Gaming?

Could RSS Invade Gaming? — (via Lockergnome) Why don’t the big MMOGs do this already? Server status, maintenance schedules, ADVERTISEMENTS, excerpts from developer threads, user-tagged forum threads, news, did I mention ADVERTISING?

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  1. (Sorry about the below scribbles, but it’s part of my job to increase awareness and and fundamentally that benefits both me and you.)

    So, speaking of adverstising …

    You know what’s even more exciting than using RSS in gaming? Being able to get the functionality of ‘playing the game without playing the game’ while not in front of your computer. Via a cell phone or PDA…

    Sure, it’s possible to get server updates — but you can also chat back and forth between someone who’s in game and someone who’s on their cell phone. In addition to a host of other features.

    Clicky clicky on the site link of my name here if you want. Froghop’s the company that enables mobile access.

  2. Heh, the Big MMOs haven’t even caught on to simple web integration yet — Blizzard are talking about MAYBE soon offering guild management web tools.

    Where’s the MMO company with the web value-add tie ins? Character profiles, guild forums, and yes, even TeamSpeak servers!

  3. Byron — It’s at 😉

    Value add character profiles, per server and global rankings, guild sites, guild chat gateway, pretty much what you describe. No TeamSpeak, though.

    The idea of using RSS to broadcast server/network info is pretty slick. Definitely one to make a guy go “Duh!” indeed. 🙂 Hmm…

  4. (eek. Sony in da house. Everyone act natural!)


    Almost all of my daily web reading (return visits) are via feed reader. I’m not a tech person, but shoving as much out-of-game crap through RSS as possible would reduce the bandwidth bills. I think. I’m guessing.

  5. Wow, this is actually a really good idea. With the recent increase of unscheduled server updates in serveral MMOGs (often the product of hasty MMOG releases- *Cough* matrix online!- as well as the general unpredictability of MMOG grown- WoW), RSS feeds could really make the system much more efficient. You should submit this post on some forums and see what response you get. By the way, I love the name of your blog!

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