Must Have Emotes

My short list of must-have emotes, with animations, for MMOGs:

1. /shrug — faster than typing “I dunno”, shorthand for “how the hell would I know how to get out of this dungeon?”

2. /sigh — the best way to express disappointment with that recent raid wipe that could have been avoided if only people would listen to your instructions.

3. /golfclap — sarcastic clapping. So rude, I love it.

4. /spit — some people don’t like spit, I do. I save this for mobs and mob corpses tho; I don’t use it in PvP. That’s minor league shit.

5. /point — subtle means of pointing out the guild scapegoat. “Who the hell pulled all that???” /point

Bonus emotes (nice to haves) … the bodily function emotes: your /burps, /farts, /coughs and /sneezes, but only if the sneeze blasts snot on other players.

I’d also like to have a /noogie, /wedgie and /headbutt (with animations!), but I doubt we’ll see those any time soon.

11 thoughts on “Must Have Emotes

  1. /notwith — I am distinctly not with the idiot who just stole your mob

    /nomana — character jumps up and down and hollars in the direction of whomever has been marked as puller

    /shakefist — I told you I had no mana

    /strangle — that’s the second time you moron

    /packbags — i’ve had enough of this group

    My only niggle with emotes in games these days is when you try out a new emote and suddenly find yourself coming on to someone. I went to give someone a reproachful /eye the other day, and instead… Well. I didn’t mean it that way.

    I’m also spoiled by the notion of useful emotes from City of Heroes. Very nice having your groups emotes be both role-playing *and* a way of doing things like knowing when everyone is ready to roll.

  2. I want a /wakeup

    The only voice emote that would actually be useful. It happens all the time to have peoples half asleep or lagging behind. Some healthy yell would be welcome.

    Blizzard should also implement a real /leroy taking the voice from the video 🙂

  3. I want a /wakeup

    FFXI had a variety of literal bells, whistles, and horn notes that you could make with an emote, but none of them were loud enough to wake me up when my forehead hits the keyboard at 3 AM.

  4. I want every emote animation to be unique. Having /clap and /golfclap look and sound the same really ruins it for me.

  5. Of course. The /golfclap has to be slow, measured clapping completely devoid of any enthusiasm, coupled with a head tilt and a steady glare. If it’s to be done properly.

  6. FFXI had a variety of literal bells, whistles, and horn notes

    Yeah, people tear up FFXI because of the different style of gameplay but it was full of features that could be useful. The macros were easy to make and it was great to have the or whatever call stuck in a pull macros. Then, you could call attention to the slackers in your group that there was something incoming. Of course, there were morons who had calls stuck all in their macros so you had constant buzzing & chirping going on.

    Personally, my favorite is /thanks. It *can* be used to thank a nice fellow player, but I like using it when I, as a 60 Warlock, smoke a 60 Horde Rogue. I feel I should at least thank them for helping me increase my Honor point count.

  7. I realize that I forgot one of the most important animated emotes of all … /rude. (sometimes coded as /bird or /finger, you get the idea.)

    Its usefulness knows no bounds.

  8. (There’s a WoW AddOn for “LEEEROY” that will play the clip for you and anyone else in the vicinity who has it installed. I haven’t tried it. It may not work.)

    As an undead, I feel no need for any emotes after a PvP victory. Cannibalism is plenty enough for me.

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