I Don’t Want to Say I Told You So, But …

The next time you read an AFK Gamer post and think, “that Foton does not know what he’s talking about!”, I want you to come here and look at this post.

Remember how I had warned you about grouping in Guild Wars? Y’know, only group if you really, really must and be prepared for players that yell all the time and then spit on your feet before they leave your ass in the middle of a mission? (Here’s a link and a screenshot to refresh your memory.)

So today, I logged into GW on my alt. Alas and alack, none of the buds were online yet, so either I fill out the group with the suicidal henchmen, or I find myself a group.

Rock, meet Hard Place.

I grouped, and no sooner had we zoned into the mission when Psycho Player starts hers/his/its shit:


In my opinion, if you are psychotic, you should warn your group members BEFORE zoning into the instance. Just to be polite.

Again, you’re stupid

This particular mission, you need to “attune” these pedestals by placing a crystal in each one BEFORE the opposing NPC team can “attune” theirs in a similar manner.. There’s three total pedestals. You do NOT need to kill any of the opposing NPC team at all as they will happily run around trying to outrace you.

I don’t want to spoilzorz anything, but let’s just say, the NPC AI is encoded so they run as a group, vastly increasing the ground they have to cover. If the players split up and don’t engage the NPCs, easy to win.

Now, if the Psychotic Player hadn’t spent all that time YELLING AT EVERYONE IN CAPS, I would have explained this.

Instead, Psychotic Player ran around, engaging as many NPCs as she/he/it could, we died one by one, and Inf**** and Ele**** (Psychotic Player) left the group while our sole survivor rezzed the dead.

Y’know, so any chance of recovery and a retry was for naught.

The next time you think that I exaggerate or that I’m overly critical, slap yourself.

Epilogue: I hired 5 NPC henchmen and finished the mission by myself in under 15 minutes. After all, I’m not getting any younger.

My days of educating an entire server on how to game properly are over.

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Say I Told You So, But …

  1. > Epilogue: I hired 5 NPC henchmen and finished the
    > mission by myself in under 15 minutes. After all, I’m
    > not getting any younger.


    We just couldn’t do it with henchmen. We got a group and all but two people ganked NPCs (specifically, the ones carrying the crystals) while the other two delivered crystals to the right spots, which wasn’t difficult.

    Prior to that, we just couldn’t manage that mission doing it with henchmen.

  2. Oh, regarding the first part of the post – we’ve been grouping more and more toward the end of the game there, which consists of standing around yelling that we’re looking for a group, sending tells to the few people who say they need group members WITHOUT specifying that what they need are monks.

    The last straw was a zone full of “Need a monk for mission”, “Need 2 monks for mission”, “Need a monk”, etc. and the real humdinger: “I need a fucking monk for the mission.”

    So we re-rolled, as monks.

  3. Some of those last PvE missions are almost impossible to do without at least one player monk, 2 preferred … player warrior is desirable too, for the pulling (and obviously tanking).

    That crystal mission, optimal group is 3 players + 3 henchmen, imo. Almost better to have hench fill out the group cuz they follow the players instead of lolligagging around possibly aggro’ing NPC stragglers.

    Bitch to do with one player until you memorize the NPC AI and time the attunements perfectly to thwart the NPCs. 2 or 3 players is ideal.

  4. Freeman: Yeah, I worked a ranger up to 20 and from level 14 on, absolutely no one would group with me. They all want monks or warriors or whatever the hell else; so I had to do everything with henchmen. It was lonely. I decided to start up a new char and be a monk. Now I have no trouble finding a group, but get yelled at by aggro retards who rush into a horde and are mad that I can’t be their own personal bodyguard.

    But I digress…

    Foton’s right about grouping. In fact, I’m going to have to get out of my guild here soon, too. No one’s on and when they are, they just want to do /airguitar or /dance like retards.

  5. kinda funny becuse our guild is dissolving because only three of us ever actually play anymore and I created a monk specifically to help the new guild with exploring/missions. standing around mission area for twenny minutes going “monk LFG” is gonzo boring…

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