Everything is for Sale

Another one of my half-baked ideas …

Guild voicechat logs as focus groups.

Think about it.

Beyond the obvious comedic value, there’s the unvarnished truth laid bare. Sample:

Guildmate01: Would it kill them to fix the fucking targeting in this game?

Guildmate02: Seriously man. How hard is it to code tab?

Guildmate03: Pet AI in this game makes Baby Jesus cry.

Guildmate01: Dude, Jesus isn’t a baby. There’s no sequel to the Passion of Christ.

Guildmate02: Any chance we can focus on this mission?

Guildmate01: Hydras can suck me off.

Guildmate03: Big surprise there. (Hmm, that coulda been a shot.)

Guildmate02: Ok, is it me? Or is an AE mob at our level a cheat?

Guildmate05: Sup guys?

Guildmates01, 02, 03 and 04: OMG shutup, we’re dying here!

Not that marketing is my gig (no WAY!), but that idea is gold. And it’s all yours for $49.95 per log.

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