I Explain It All, Part 3

I have some Guild Wars advice for you about grouping … or partying as the Gen4 people say. (feh!)


I know, you’ll be tempted. You’ll think, “How bad could a pickup group be?” Then you’ll think, “Ok, that was just the one group that stunk to high hell.” Eventually, you’ll rage, “This can’t be! Every single goddamn group is a fucking nightmare. This just isn’t possible!”

Oh, it be possible.

I’ve grouped quite a bit in the last week or so. Two or three guildmates, we round out the group with strangers (some stranger than others — BA DA BING!). Every fucking time … fucking nightmare.

(Who are these people? How did they get to be so insane? Are there no Ascalon social services to save them?)

Every group, we get at least one swearing guy. “Don’t do that you fucking idiots!” “You fuckers, this way!” “We need to get this mob for my capture, assholes!” (ya, that’s a priority for me.)

For all my cursing in TeamSpeak, and (ahem) here, I don’t curse at strangers unless they really, really, incredibly piss the shit out of me and they deserve it. Sure, I’ll roll my eyes and pray to God for a timely death irl, but, in game chat, I’m marginally civil.

Who are these fucked-in-the-head psychos that join a group and immediately begin cursing at everyone? I dunno. It’s a phenomenon to me.

Then, we have the “Leave without a word” people.

Grow .. a .. pair and say you’re out of there instead of the wordless exit in the middle of a fight.

It’s a whole new world now, I realize. Bailing out on a group because the going gets tough is the new protocol. Christ, even I make up an excuse on the fly before I bail. (My mother’s dying, my dog just shit on the keyboard, that worrisome kidney stone is passing, etc.)

Sadly, all that is too much to ask. Minimal gaming courtesy need only be used on guildmates, IF THAT. (I’m sure there are guilds where courtesy is but a fond memory.)

Summarizing … Group with real, live people only if you absolutely must.

Your cardiologist will thank me later.

5 thoughts on “I Explain It All, Part 3

  1. Ha, you have no idea how well you hit the nail on the head there

    guy2: plz stop yelling d00d
    guy3: -leaves-
    guy2: wil u plz stop cussing
    guy4: guys common theres no need for fighting
    guy5: *bows gracefully at the lady eyowins feet*
    me: You are all hopeless… -disband-

    =/ that sums it up enough

  2. Hmm…I’ve experienced the drops but not the cussing. Of course, when we quest or mission it’s usually with the guild or the party primarily is composed of the guild. We’re pretty professional and civil. A loser gets kicked or tongue lashed.

    Why cuss? It just takes time to type.

  3. Thats why it’s nothing but henchmen for me until it’s time to head into the arena. GW has basically been a 1 player game for me so far with a few levels of PVP. I’ve definitely had some shitty arena groups though, but then eventually you end up with a killer group and can blast through a couple of levels. XP from PVP is defnitely one of the coolest things about GW. Kind of a nice change of pace from lvl 60 war lfg ubrs, strat, schol…

  4. The more I read about the jerks one encounters in online games, the more I’m less keen to group with people I don’t already know either as friends, or friends of friends. I’ll see what happens when I starting playing Guild Wars next month or so…

  5. Chuckles… okay I needed that right now. I must say I had the best and the worst group today. I run the UW and FoW with more frequency then I care to admit. What does this mean, I must pick up strangers or try and get a guild group together. I can honestly say today’s group consisted of all but one stranger. No cursing, no swearing just simply working together and using our heads for something other than a swear machine. I don’t understand the need to curse in every post or to yell at another player when ya die. Trust me I am a monk. I know you are dead, it happens folks.. The monsters down there are level 26 and up. I cant heal ya for 300 points of damage which these crazy cows are dealing out .. get over it.. get out of the way.. I dont care just dont cuss me out cause you were too stupid or not fast enough to get out of the way. And then they’re are the ditchers.. leave ya out there hanging after paying the 1k entrance fee you short a man or two or heck even three.. I pay a lot cause I am working on getting supplies and stuff that I need for armor, I need help so I dont mind paying. Oh but I digress now.. just wanted to let ya know there are good groups. I normal ask for patient, mature players when lfg and wait. Yes folks I wait about 5 minutes before we head out. We’ll discuss skill sets and what not in team but if you start screaming GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO Your outta there. I dont mind waiting for the right group and will not leave without it. OR what I at least hope is a good group. I state my intentions clearly before we leave and then stick with the plan.

    The worst group – took us into the FoW, before we were ready, and without the consent of the group, then agro’d everything cause they didnt know what they were doing, nor would they listen to a seasoned player of both areas. Then decided well if we die we can go out and go to the UW. Folks if you cant hack the Fissure.. your sure as hell going to die in the Underworld. Aint no saving your sorry asses and I’ll tell ya so and leave the group.. which btw is what I did.

    Spoiled by a great guild,

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