The Agony of Leveling

I know how it is. You just want to get through this level. Higher level, maybe better skills, spells and equipment, access to new adventure areas — it has tremendous appeal.

And heaven help you if it’s the last level … despite volumes of mathematical evidence to the contrary, that last level takes 49 years longer than any level before. This is why raising the max level in a MMOG should be considered a gaming felony. Raising the max more than once … Class X Felony. (EverQuest, I’m looking in your direction here.)

If I can pass on one kernel of gaming wisdom to any n00bs out there, it is this: a watched experience bar never dings. I know, it’s tempting! Save yourself some grief, don’t look.

While I’m on the subject, the following mind games don’t pass the time any faster either:

– Don’t look for X number of minutes and try to guess how far you are.
– Estimate the number of mobs to kill before the ding and count the mobs instead.
– Estimate the number of minutes until the ding or per experience bar segment, then check for accuracy.
– Sketch out a graph with periodic intervals for level completion, shading in the intervals as you go.

I know, I’ve tried them all. (And more!)

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