2 thoughts on “The Game Is Virtual. The Profit Is Real. – New York Times

  1. Much related to this article is some dust being kicked up on the WoW forums right now. Someone discovered that on many servers there is a junk item that’s being hawked for 526G buyout. The thing that really makes is suspicious is that this same item is present for the exact same price on different servers. On top of that, the characters selling the item have similar names across servers: Spirestone server has Spirpig, Thunderlord has Thulpig, etc. The consensus is something along the lines of money laundering for gold farmers but it spins off to some comical conspiracy theories (as always).

    I wanna know how this guy found out? My theory: Maybe he’s a disgrunted gold buyer who decided to report the system some gold sellers use?


  2. Doh! I missed the link tag. Sigh. Can ya edit it up all pretty like for me? Sorry to make a mess on the blog.

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