We’re All Nomadic Gamers

In yesterday’s cliffhanger, I left off with the loud, raucous TeamSpeak fight that had been forcibly moved to the guildleader’s office, aka A Private Channel.

We were at an impasse: College puke’s not budging — he won’t be killing savannah lions or those thorn ewoks for any man (or woman). And I’m not budging — he’s an idgit and has seriously pissed me off. (Ok, originally it was about an unwillingness of some to help those that were struggling with the solo. I then moved to “he’s an idgit, die in a fire” and was standing firm.)

The guildleader was losing patience now, he had his own soloing to do after all, so he asked the puke if he could soften his stance any. I’ll spare you puke’s long-winded ramble, but basically he agreed that all guildmembers, once they reached level 60, should make assisting the others their top priority.

Wow. One week into World of Warcraft, and come hell or high water, the other members will get their assistance some day! In the meantime, all of us should continue to send all harvests and crafting supplies up the chain to the high levels because they have needs, kthx.

Besides the million things wrong with that, I have a guideline that I live by and it has always served me well: Never bet on the come. (Yes, I spelled that right.) Originally a gambling axiom, I’ve found it applies to many areas of life. (Yes, that too.) In other words, I never bank on “some day.” Don’t know if others have noticed this, but some day never comes.

Guildleader was satisfied with the puke’s offer and asked if we were done here. I answered, “Yep, I’m done.” And that was that.

I meant exactly that: I am done.

The next few days, I did rl things at night and cooled off. I cooled and considered logging in again to renew my own assault on level 60 and then I realized this: I can get that kind of grief at work AND get paid for it, and I can get that kind of grief in any guild. So fuck it, there was nothing left for me there.

Besides, that Warcraft server was one of the originals with the accompanying long ass queues and regular crashes … it was time to move on.

I emailed an old gaming e-bud of mine that had asked if I wanted to meet up in Warcraft with some other old gaming e-buds and form a ragtag guild — no mandatory raids and no hamster wheels! I asked if the offer was still open, it was, and the rest is recorded history right here on AFK Gamer. Worked out well for me, probably not so well for them, but it’s too late now. (muahaha)

I didn’t make a drama post or any such shit with the old guild … that’s not my way. Unless I’m max level and people are like fucking relying on me (fools!), I just poof. I don’t do the “let’s keep in touch” bullshit because I know we won’t.

I’m not without feeling, and I did mourn the loss of a great guild, but that guild was gone long before I left. So I moved on like the gaming nomad I am.

Their story doesn’t end there, however. They pushed onward and upward for a time, absorbing a few smaller guilds along the way, improving their PvP tactics, hauling in some uber. I would e-talk with some of my former mates and hear secondhand about some of the drama (hohum).

A few months back, there was a big schism in the guild when the guildleader finally had enough of the backbiting between the level 60s and the struggling lower levels. He left and started his own ragtag guild where he could rule with an iron fist again. (No complaints, he was a good guildleader.)

More players trickled out of the guild, some joining the former guildleader, some joining others. Still, the old guild pushed forward with most of the original core intact, including college puke (there’s the PROBLEM, RIGHT THERE!), until last week when, with a gasp and a sigh, the guild just gave up and they voted to disband and look for new guildhomes elsewhere.

I’ve opened guilds, I’ve left guilds, I’ve closed guilds, I’ve rebuilt guilds, I’ve ridden guilds’ coattails and some rode mine. Even for an old gaming hag like me, it’s never a good time watching former guildmates scatter and move to new homes.

Except that college puke. He can go to Hell.

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  1. Damn, wish there was more, but the lack of detail is understandable.

    This guild bullshit is so familiar, it could’ve played out on any server (probably any guild-based game too). Whatta shame each time it happens too; herding cats is no fun.

    You’re right about the “we’ll take care of it SOMEDAY” crap promises people make – if you ever find someone who actually does come through on what they say (consistently, over time), keep them on the Friends list – rare as hen’s teeth, they are.

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