Star Wars Really Isn’t a Lifestyle

Apparently, I will be the only person on the planet at work tomorrow. I honestly don’t mind single-handedly propping up the world economy so the rest of you stiffs can enjoy yourselves at the multiplex. Over at Foton’s Office, I’ll be answering the phones, finalizing sales presentations, doing a little artwork, probably filling out a few payroll tax returns, too. Seriously. I. don’t. mind.

Wired has an e-article today about Star Wars fans and their — how to say? — compulsive devotion to the series, including a fan tattoo site, an R2 builders’ club (I’m not making that up), and an online toy museum, whose poor curator is well over his bandwidth allowance with Geoshitties — no doubt thanks to the mention in Wired.

Also, some other Star Wars related articles in the left sidebar, as well as an article about p0rn bloggers. It’s a hellish industry. P0rn, not blogging. Not that I read it. I’m guessing.

If you still don’t have your wardrobe finalized for tonight’s midnight showing,’s Do It Yourself Star Wars Props can help. Most of these look pretty time consuming — I recommend you stop wasting time on the net and get going. DO IT NOW!

About those props, if you’re a jedi, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency has a short list of Embarassing Things That Might Happen to You While Using a Lightsaber.

I would have thought the fact that you’re carrying around a plastic toy would be embarassment enough. Learn something new every day.

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