More Star Wars Links To Click I Have

The pace quickens: the ads, the watercooler talk, the ringtones, the wallpapers, the planned absences from work, the toy displays, the monologues.

David Letterman’s Top Ten Things Never Before Said by a Star Wars Character.

Are you like me? Do you want to beat anyone wearing a Stormtrooper costume with their plastic laser gun? Good.

We’re going to need more targets, there’s just not enough to go around. Take time today to send the instructions for Building a Stormtrooper Costume to all of the Star Wars fanbags you know.

So many of the pre-release reviews spend far too much time apologizing for Movies 1 and 2. Ya ya, we all have excuses and I don’t know anyone that didn’t hate Movie 2, I mean active, bile-filled hate. We’ve moved on. Is THIS one any good?

Two reviews that are well-written and interesting of their own merit: One that loves Movie 3 and one that doesn’t (popup alert on 2nd link).

Lastly, a flickr photo set from the Star Wars Celebration III, April 2005 in Indianapolis. Lucas approved with properly displayed ©’s ™’s ®’s! More details about the convention were detailed in USA Today, bloglike format.

Much dedication for their hobby they have.

I would guess that some of them have their own blogs where they write humorous anecdotes and post news items, almost every day, for NO PAY.

What kind of a pathetic nutjob would do that?

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