6 thoughts on “Warcraft Power Leveling Service

  1. by far my favorite part

    The request must be something our workers can do solo.

    * We offer no guarantees/promises/refunds for this service *

  2. I personally like the Wall of Shame best. 1.5 million (or so) subscribers and those guys think someone is going to confront the shamers? O NOES, the PL service found me … somehow!!

  3. Alot of them are honest but the thing is before they start you change your password so they dont know your real pass so that when theyre done they cant get back in

  4. this is a horrible deal. look up *redacted PL service addy* where you can get levling service 1-60 for $198.00! these guys are charging WAY too much.

    Hi! You’ll be pleased to know that since you snuck this ad past me over a year go, I’ve added a process where you can come clean and buy some primo front-page advertising on Ye Olde AFK Gamer. Excited?? I thought you’d be! — Huggles, Foton

  5. for power leveling service, i pay more attention on the time of power leveling.
    1-60 wow power leveling service only take 10 days and $ 169.95 on *redacted PL service addy*

    There is no free lunch. There is info on the front page for purchasing advertising on AFK Gamer. — Love, Foton

  6. lol! No shame, no shame at all. You point out how utterly stupid it is to hand over your password to power levelers, and the folks come and advertise in the comments section!

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