The More Things Change …

Any of you lady gamers looking for a VERY eligible man …

Hawt Gamer

… there’s your guy, right there.

Addendum: Heh, for bonus funny points … the Fire guy had asked what’s boring about Warcraft, as the other guy with the 3 (count ’em, 3!!!) level 60s had said he just quit WoW because it was boring. Then Fire adds that he has a level 60 also. Trust me on this … if you have a level 60 in WoW, you know full well what’s boring — there is no need to ask anyone else.

Here’s a delightful example of how useful the radar is in Guild Wars.


Of course, I don’t discover my error until I fight my way down to a box canyon with a waterfall and see that I’m trapped. Box Canyon 4TW!!!


Here’s something else. The most popular first names, no question, are Sir and Lady. Sir Blahblahblah and Lady Whatever. Because in Guild Wars, you choose a name with at least two words — I’ve seen three-word names (e.g. Foton The Idiot), maybe you can do four words … I’m more of a two-word kinda guy, though.

So, I was wondering … maybe the Sir and Lady kind of people really like this game because they can finally get their roleplay yayas on? I’m just saying, because every other person has sir or lady SOMEWHERE in their name.

Naturally, when 2 or more words for a character are possible, this leads to prankish behavior. Like our frustrated guildmate, that made a character named “Even Eqwasbetter” on the first day.

Although I’m making progress on getting the hang of this game … I’m inclined to agree.


This is kinda goofy in Guild Wars. Every few minutes you see PvP battle results in the broadcast channel. Example:

USA!! USA!!!

Always, it’s about Korea gaining favor or America gaining favor and the other has so many wins to regain favor, etc etc etc. From what I understand, the country result is based on the player-registered address, and yet … aren’t relations already strained enough between Korea (actually, mostly North) and the US?

And in the example above, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT TEAM? Do I see whacked-out characters because I didn’t load full language sets from Microsoft? Foton doesn’t load ANYTHING from Microsoft unless it’s mandatory. (You kids out there, important safety tip!)

These are the things that torture me in a new virtual world.


Here’s something that’s awe-inspiring in GW. When you’re about level 6 or 7, it’s time to leave the tutorial, which I didn’t even realize WAS a tutorial (ok, that’s cool too), and you are grouped with other players and with NPC henchmen to round out your group to 4 players.

It’s time to go … BACK TO THE FUTURE!

You first meet a similar group in PvP … and I think win or lose, everyone advances, so no big deal. It’s a fun rout.

Then you fight a bunch of annoying mobs … and again, I think you advance whether it’s win or lose, so just for sport. I respect that.

Then the world blows up and it’s two years later … the world is in ashes and although the virtual map is the same … a few things have been shifted around in a nuclear, firestorm, whatever the hell happened sort of way. Nevertheless, it’s similar and a bit different.

After you defeat (or are defeated by) the NPCS in the transitional area, there’s a cinematic sequence, with a kinda sorta explanation of what happened. Mostly it looked like nuclear war to me, but they explained it in a “these uber mobs found a way into our world” kinda way.

Now, here’s my point … (several minutes later). This cinematic, (that I click on SKIP THIS CINEMATIC every time), really is a nice touch. I’m the only one clicking on Skip — apparently everyone enjoys it. The guildmates and I, we’ve made a few batches of characters and each time, I click SKIP and they don’t.

I don’t know how this game is beyond level 10, but from about 7 until 10, every few missions, you get a cinematic and your character is a major player in said film … I click SKIP, the rest don’t.

I’ve seen these sequences at least three times now. You’d think I would tire of them.

I shouldn’t click on SKIP. It’s an incredibly nice touch.

3 thoughts on “The More Things Change …

  1. 3 level 60’s? OMG HAWTTY.

    Anywho – no nothing’s wrong with your display, those are the characters used in the Korean language (not that I can read any of it, just recognize that it *is* Korean).

    Kinda annoying that that pops up though – as if Sir IPoopedMyself didn’t screw with immersion enough.

  2. What Anon said – that’s Hangul, an alphabet for representing Korean. I guess it could represent pretty much any language.

    Back when I was playing FFXI, you’d get Japanese text on occasion, if you were partied with a Japanese player or happened to look at a Japanese player’s player description text. The real hardcore FFXI players would go through the trouble of learning key Japanese phases in romanji (Japanese spelled out in the Latin alphabet), so they could apologize profusely when they screwed up and got the Japanese player killed.

  3. Korean players must be moonlighting from Lineage2 to be in GW. I have a friend who knew some mandarin which was nice in Lineage to get the everpresent farmers off our back.

    The cinematic is ok once, more than that I will be hitting “skip” myself every few times.

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