The More Things Change …

Any of you lady gamers looking for a VERY eligible man …

Hawt Gamer

… there’s your guy, right there.

Addendum: Heh, for bonus funny points … the Fire guy had asked what’s boring about Warcraft, as the other guy with the 3 (count ’em, 3!!!) level 60s had said he just quit WoW because it was boring. Then Fire adds that he has a level 60 also. Trust me on this … if you have a level 60 in WoW, you know full well what’s boring — there is no need to ask anyone else.

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The Second Day was so much Better

So Day Two arrived in Guild Wars (Day One for you non-preordering types, ha!), and we continue our assault on max level in the least amount of time possible. This is the only way to actually win an online game … reduce the nuisance of it all to the minimum time.

Thank whatever god is this game’s diety for instant city travel. If I had to run all over the countryside backtracking as some of these quests expect me to do, I’d be plenty pissed. The instant travel is the bomb –> best … feature … ever. Guild Wars, no matter how brief my stay in this virtual world, will always have a special place in my heart for instant travel.

Here’s something else that’s great: the place is lousy with instances so escaping the unwashed gaming masses is as simple as stepping across a swirly portal thing. My /ignore list is already thankful, and refreshingly light so far with only two additions! I have to insta-travel back to town to sell off my crap loot, and there’s a dogpile of characters dancing by the main gate (WHY?? WHY??). Naturally, they’re filling the public channel with their unsolicited opinions about fucking everything, so much so that I can’t even keep up with tells from guildmates … zap! into an instance away from the madding crowd.

There. Two things that I like. I even said so in TeamSpeak and everyone else agreed … insta-travel and instances to escape the general population are two very good things.

The End.

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