A dedicated online gamer for more than ten years now … I will buy just about any piece of crap developers throw inside a box and ship out to my favorite local retailer.

I have no credentials other than this: I play games.

You’re in my world now. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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Updated Monday through Thursday, or Tuesday through Friday, sometimes on Saturday or Sunday. Meh. Updated most weekdays.

If you’re new to AFK Gamer, here’s a list of Favorite Posts, excerpted, in reverse chrono order — sometimes I hit the high notes.

Many of the AFK Gamer images are hosted on Flickr, the exemplary photo sharing site, in the Screenshot Gallery. Off-site forum threads and other transient material discussed herein are archived either in AFK Gamer’s Furl archive or, in some cases, ancient paged material is saved in the Hanzo (original) archive. Newer paged material is saved in the (not-ancient) Hanzo archive, and btw, thanks Hanzo for screwing around with the login system without providing a recovery process.

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