In One of those Rare “What Do YOU Think” Moments, What do YOU Think?

I had a goofy idea. Maybe it’s just one of those “drunken thoughts”; maybe it could work — maybe it’s stupid.

File this under the category “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

One weekend, a collaborative blog. Anyone that pre-registers can post. It’s an orgy of gaming in whatever game you choose. The objective is … a stream of conciousness on your gaming experiences for the weekend.

Not a grilled cheese blog (i.e. Dear Diary, Today I killed a raptor. I looted some raptor meat.), but rather a Dagwood Sandwich blog (i.e. why in the hell did They, meaning the Collective Developer They, think that THIS was a good idea?). Not that posts should only involve sandwiches: humorous posts, observational posts, conceptual posts, screenshot posts … all good. In fact, anything would go … except shameless referral spam like

I’d be willing to host the blog, do the rudimentary setup and would maintain order during the weekend. I’d need some volunteers to spread the word and help with the setup/admin/planning, and, of course, participation would be critical: bloggers and non-bloggers alike would be welcome … hell, even Insiders could join in … although I realize that gaming and writing about gaming on the weekend might not be their (meaning the Collective Developer Their) idea of fun.

Some guidelines I considered: Copyrights reserved to the author; Commenting “off” to encourage actual posting but I’ll approve new authors during the weekend as I tab out of my game; Console and PC games alike are welcome; No drinking for Foton (should be obvious why that would be a good idea); Any and all that love the medium and sometimes have ideas (they don’t have to be “good”) are welcome; We’d open the blog on Wednesday night with guidelines for the upcoming weekend and posters could start with a short gaming bio (pen names are kosher — heh) or an LFG post, blah blah.

Quantity may be quality in this context — post it all!

Seeking input, including “Goddamn, that would be boring” type input.

Seems New and Different to me, and I’m a big fan of New and Different.

24 thoughts on “In One of those Rare “What Do YOU Think” Moments, What do YOU Think?

  1. Sounds like a good time to me, this would be a way for some gamer cross-over. MMORPGers talking to PC FPSers talking to Console Sports fanatics and so on. I like the “stream of consciousness” idea but I could also see having specific topics/ideas as well. This would definitely depend on the amount of contribution from everyone. Hearing the same people all the time might be a bit stale after a while.

    I’d be interested in helping out/contributing. I’ll mention this on my blog and start getting the word out, as well.

  2. Well..
    + there is no gaming group blog out there
    – you need to have an editor(s) at least, ie. someone to throw out obvious off topic stuff
    + I wouldn’t mind posting
    – ye gods, it better not be a forum
    ? why only one weekend?
    ? commenting off might be a bad idea, I would think that the users could work out what needs to be a new topic, and what really is just a comment on an old one
    – I don’t know if the gaming blogosphere has the population at the moment to support this kind of endevour.

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  4. Tony, I was hoping you’d volunteer. Could use some experienced people to make judgments on what is ok or not.

    Factory, I’d agree that maybe the pop doesn’t support participation at this point … maybe what little pop there is could try it? Six, maybe 7 years out from MMOG realization, maybe it could work?

  5. Sounds cool. Why do just a weekend, though? I would do a seven day week in order to catch weekday gamers too. 🙂

    Also: I’m in.

  6. “Factory, I’d agree that maybe the pop doesn’t support participation at this point — maybe what little pop there is could try it? Six, maybe 7 years out from MMOG realization, maybe it could work?”
    Well prolly not, but that wasn’t an argument against doing it more of a point that there might not be many ppl turning up, not building up expectations and all that.

  7. You might want to post on some of the more literate mmog boards (grimwell, etc.) and solicit individuals (tobold jumps to mind in particular).

  8. Word, Factory.

    Zonk, IMO any moderators with MMOG experience would be primo.

    Appreciate the enthusiam, all. Could produce absolutely NOTHING worthwhile, but even a few “omg, i just got ownzorzd” posts would be worth the price of admission.

    Then again, I’m all about new and different.

    MORE … : Again, anyone is welcome to post whatever crap they want. I know how it is … “haha, I just owned that Shaman that THOUGHT he could take out my alt priest/cleric.” And believe you me, I just OWNED him. (asshole!)

  9. This all sounds like a pretty good idea to me. I’d certainly be willing to try speaking my mind for once instead of silently pondering things.

  10. You are pulling a Lum or what?

    It’s instead the type of thing Jeff Freeman would like to see?

    I wouldn’t even try to comment before I understand what you are aiming to exactly. “Pulling a Lum” would require a strong “editor” lead, a “vision” and lots of work. A general blog site on direct gaming experiences also needs at least a theme. From your post it seems like you’d like to see your exact work on this site multiplied for every participant. So something it isn’t already happening on the various blogs around.

    It ain’t that easy. Not everyone is able to write like you.

  11. err, actually I was just hoping for freer commentary and hopefully a few laughs. I can guarantee that I will die at least a half dozen times, and in a spectacular fashion as well.

    As far as Lum goes, I should hope to aspire to his level, except for the selling out part. 😛

    Maybe it will suck, maybe it won’t. Certainly, I could use someone like you Ab to help out, to add perspective.

    Regardless, I’m willing to plunge ahead and make an ass of myself in the interest of entertainment.

  12. “Regardless, I’m willing to plunge ahead and make an ass of myself in the interest of entertainment.”

    How is this different from what you do right now?

    In any case, you’ve piqued my interest.

  13. I’ve never been afraid to publicly show my ineptitude. Hell, could make a theme of it: how many Alliance innkeepers can I kill in one weekend?

  14. I’d really like to be in, but I’m an MMO industry insider, and I’m not sure how you’d feel about that. (Not boasting, it’s just the truth.)

    I read this blog religiously though, and have blogged on and off for about four – shit, five years – just never about gaming. Been thinking about it recently just because I’m playing so many games.

    Anyway, offer’s there. I think ongoing it could be an interesting blog if you get enough writers who can write in an interesting way.

  15. Stephen: I think insiders could offer a unique perspective that would be valuable. Even the boastful kind of industry dudes. (I kid! I kid!)

    In the next two days, I’ll send an email to a few of the commenters here that expressed an interest in helping admin/organize this cluster … blog, soliciting opinions and suggestions.

    If you want to follow this project and have some suggestions, blah blah, shoot me an email: Foton(at) I’m at the “twisting arms” stage, so anyone else that wants to climb aboard, send an email.

  16. I’d be willing to contribute. Heck, I’d love to see this idea posted very soon.

    Next weekend to be exact. (March 18th)

    Anyway, keep us updated. I’ll give this a trackback (assuming I’ve learned to use them correctly).

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  18. Sounds like a great experiment. If you’re looking for volunteers, I’m willing to help out however I can.

    (blogging games at

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