Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

In the old days, we had to walk to the pizza joint uphill both ways because we didn’t have money for the bus and our beater was unresponsive (yet again) and we had to pay for the pizza with change because that’s all our on-campus jobs paid. Loose change.

And no way could we use the monthly allowance from our parents for pizza because that was already spent on the EQ subscription and other stuff that we bought just for show like books and essentials like weed, which, in hindsight, was probably just oregano because it didn’t really do anything when we toked, although my breath was surprisingly fresh.

And fergitabout delivery because that was for rich people, like the grad assistants, and the delivery dude would just briefcase it anyhow and the only thing worse than a briefcase job was some noob guild asshat that would aggro the portal area and bring that shit to the wall when we’re trying to do the naked CR from the first two breakin attempts.

Then we had to run back from the pizza joint because we told the guild “afk fas” which indicates that it won’t be a 30-minute afk and maybe our final piece of Planar armor would drop and that would suck hardc0re if we weren’t there to /random for that shit, and for sure! our pretend online GFs and/or BFs (not that there’s anything wrong with that) would leave us for a fully-planar dude that was starting his own Planes-capable guild. Asshole.

And we liked it!

The apocalypse has arrived.

I read this originally on n3rfed and, at first, I thought he was making that up. After checking his source link (ffs, that’s REAL!), I was almost speechless. Fucking evil genius.

Sony, don’t you let anyone tell you that you’re not the 800 pound gorilla in the room. You are the 800 pound gorilla. There’s a contender, to be sure, but fucking evil genius.

I hate Pizza Hut. Always have. If you have ANYONE in your city that makes pizza besides Pizza Hut, you should be going there. But, I tell you this. I’d try /pizza at least once. Just to see if it really works. And who knows … maybe I’d like the convenience.

Fucking evil genius.

Let me close with this thought I had today. (ya, again … just one thought today.) Maybe you read the letter that EQ’s Smedley wrote about how he’s tried Warcraft and enjoyed it. (giving credit where it’s due: I first learned about it on, although it was discussed extensively on other blogs as well. Not here, because Smed’s the Sauron of the Nexus of Evil.)

Anyway. I read his letter, and besides my other thoughts like “damn, you’d almost think he was gonna give his creative team freer reign” and “nothing like a kick in the ass to motivate”, I thought: Blizzard stood on the shoulders of giants.

All the games before Warcraft that I loved and hated, all the ones I didn’t try as well … Blizzard stood on their shoulders.

Read a handful of my posts and it should be clear that I have some problems with EverQuest and with Sony, and before them, Verant. But, over one million served aside, Blizzard stood on the shoulders of giants.

Fucking evil genius.

8 thoughts on “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

  1. There is a commandline application for ordering pizza via Dominoes. If there is a way to make custom commands that interact with the rest of your OS it might be possible to order with it without even leaving the game.

  2. Time for a dead pool on this one – how long will it be before some hapless pizza delivery guy finds an EQ2 player buried in pizza boxes and fecal matter, with “I told u I wuz hardcore” on the screen?

  3. From what I’ve read (haven’t tried myself), EQ2 isn’t (not sure of word here) seductive (?) enough to pull off a gamer kill.

    But I will lay down some money that this story will take over where the WoW warrior protest left off. Not quite a day later and /pizza is all over the WoW boards.

  4. EQ2 is a great game. WoW is a great game. Both are really, really good. Now, EQ2 has no PvP and it is group oriented, but they are working to smooth that out a bit. Yesterday’s patch included a ton of solo instance content. Don’t dismiss it out of hand. I don’t think any reasonable gamer would say it isn’t seductive, once you’ve played it (and I mean, play it past that newbie isle thing and get into Freeport and start doing evil stuff for The Man).

  5. When do the /chinese and /subway commands get entered. I can see it now…10% off any order initiated from WoW!

  6. Heh, In the fine city of duluth where there’s nothing to do besides bars & computer – some guy on Garonna was hospitalized for dehydration – drank down 12packs of soda instead of water eventually & it did him in 🙂

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