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A New Kind of Guild

Every once in a while, the blog (yes, this one) comes up as a topic of conversation in guildchat. Usually, someone thinks I should write about them (they don’t really want me to write about them, they just think they do) or I didn’t properly emphasize their role in a successful guild adventure.

Like that nice epic weapon I got a few weeks back. It was one of the guild dudes that gave the wrong directions to our camp and sent me running hellbent into that named NPC’s lap. Although, as he remembers it now, he did that on purpose.

Our involuntarily-elected guildleader wondered aloud one night, what the future of gaming and blogging will hold. Maybe every guild will have an active blogger in its ranks, or taken further, maybe entire guilds will have bloggers as members.

I think we can all agree that would be disastrous:

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