The Gnome Tea Party

You remember the warrior march on the Argent Dawn server scheduled for tonight?

You probably don’t. No matter, go read up on it, we have time. *pours another strong one*

Anyhoo, I’m coming to you live from the Argent Dawn tea party. I had made a character on Argent Dawn a few days ago, because ffs, I didn’t want to get banned. So I logged in tonight, quietly, INNOCENTLY, reporting in as a rogue in support of my warrior brethren.

In the five minutes that I was logged on, this is what happened:

I was kicked from the game. I said nothing, I did nothing. There was a GM announcement and I was summarily kicked from the game. (pussies)

Obviously, screenshots will follow … Attempting to login again …

**UPDATE01** I’m like flipping CNN in Baghdad … Got back in to Argent Dawn. No GM in evidence althought the Warrior-created guild is now bugged so they can’t invite others to the guild. They are about to begin the march to Ironforge. It is a sea of naked gnomery, and I cannot adequately describe how horrifying a vision that is.

It’s curious to me. All the Argent Dawn residents that are spitting and cursing at our warrior brethren for choosing a peaceful march on Ironforge as their form of protest when … NONE OF THE AD RESIDENTS even had to be in the zone. Yet, many are here. They are using the general chat channel and /yell to taunt the warriors.

This indicates that the residents made some effort to be here. If they are so disinterested and against this nonviolent march, why are they here? Is this their counter-protest? More to follow …

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May You Get a Chronic Case of Scabies

Unless you’re new around here, (and by “here” I mean online gaming), you probably know that Furor works for Blizzard as a quest dude. Let me state at the top that, for the most part, the quests in Warcraft are incredibly well done. Engaging stories, witty even, interesting to solve if you’d rather not thottbot, and best of all, they put out with worthwhile rewards — sometimes the uber.

Quests in Warcrack are as well done as the crafting system in Star Wars: Galaxies.

If you’re new, Furor was one of the few EQ player celebrities — by that I mean, he was vocal (as in shrill) and highly-opinionated (as in psychotic). The only other EQ celebrities I can think of now are Thott (even you noobs know him), Zato (the, or one of the, founders of The Safehouse) and maybe the guildleader of the uber guild on my EQ server, who was reknowned mostly because he was such a dick-sucking asshole.

Obviously, we had all heard about some of the other uber guilds, too, but weren’t really aware of who their leaders were, probably because they weren’t … (how to say?) … interesting specimens like Furor and Thott.

Thott, appearing to be the more even-tempered of the two (read: not a raving lunatic), wrote several very articulate and eloquent articles about various issues in EQ. In fact, one of my e-thug friends is convinced that one of Thott’s bard articles is solely responsible for the ass-reaming nerfs that EQ monks received late in the game and he will not, under any circumstances, use Thottbot in Warcrack. (issues!) But I digress.

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It’s Not a Crime if It’s Only Virtual

I think I’ve grumbled before about the lack of staffing around here. Surely I’ve bitched about everything by now. (Oh, I’m not nearly done yet. Not nearly.)

As I was looking around the site here, I realized the design needs an enema. FCS, it looks like one of those underground sports rags we used to publish in college because we were so hip, passionate and SUBVERSIVE, the only place that would print our material was a Kinkos. After hours.

I was scratching out a few notes on updating the design so it’s not quite so “Post-EQ Angry”, but then I hatched an evil plan to hijack one of the office interns to do it for me. It would be crazy easy to pull off. About a month into the gig, the interns are so starved for any assignment that doesn’t involve visiting the local Starbucks, they’ll do just about anything that even remotely stinks of real life professionalism.

Like updating my subversive, underground gaming blog.

“They did teach you CSS in school, right?!?!?!?! Jesus, how do you expect to make it in this business without a working knowledge of CSS??”

What they don’t know …

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