Let’s Talk About Exploits, Shall We?

Let’s talk about what is and what isn’t.

Back in Star Wars Galaxies, my guildleader wanted to compile a list of definitive game exploits (a list, not a how-to, ffs) so he could point to the list and say “don’t do these.” Ya, like we have 195 hours to write up every little thing … it just can’t be done. So, we settled on making a short list of activities that were FOR SURE exploits: duping credits, double-slicing weapons or armor, yadda yadda. All the “gee, ya think?” type exploits.

On the surface, this seems like something you shouldn’t have to write down for people, but you really do. The Stupid, they live among us.

Anyways, I have my own internal system for deciding if I’m exploiting or if I’m just being incredibly clever. I have made a VISUAL AID for the discussion.


It’s all so simple when it involves professional graphics.

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The Tea Party in Pictures

Before I throw up some of the shots I took from last Friday’s warrior protest on the Warcraft Argent Dawn server, let me summarize.

I made a dwarf character on Thursday, just in case a queue stood between me and anarchy the next day. I logged into Argent Dawn approximately 15 – 20 minutes before the scheduled time with no queue in evidence. So I don’t know if they raised the server cap that night or the queue was inoperative or there were less people playing than normally — I understand AD regularly has queues.

Anyhow, I saw one server announcement when I first logged in that The Powers That Be would prefer if we went away … the server was forcibly reset at one point (with an accompanying Server Will Reset in XX Minutes countdown) … I, personally, was booted out of the game, (whether from server load or a /kick — who knows), three times and one more time with a rollback … at the Ironforge bridge, the protest’s targeted gathering area, a GM ordered protesters off the server, in General channel once and in /say once. Threats could have been issued more than those times — that’s all I saw after arriving and when I wasn’t offline for whatever reason.

Beyond the obvious show of solidarity among warriors, I took away the impression that these server loads are iffy. There were 200? 300? protesting gnomes and various hangers-on and the server was coughing up black stuff. PvE raids shouldn’t be that large (at that point it’s not a raid, it’s zergage), but PvP wars can easily grow to that size.

And let’s not even think about the delicious possibilities of intentionally crashing servers to ice your guild competition OUT of desirable loot areas. Because that would be wrong. In theory.

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Filled with Rage

Kalgan, some Blizzard guy, responded to a list of Warcraft warrior grievances on the forums. I don’t play a warrior and rarely group with any, so the grievances and responses are somewhat beyond my grasp, but DAMN, Kalgan must have spent a whole work day writing that. Maybe two.

Thoughtful discussion all around, except for the moe-rons climbing aboard, and while it sounds like warrior changes are planned and maybe soon, I think we all know how that goes. Believe it when you see it.