Some of the Blackrock players (mostly guilds) were begging for server transfers to escape the queue-hell that has been their lives for these past six weeks. Naturally, I wanted to check it out myself. Naturally, I forgot to check it out until late at night.

The calculated wait time was 30 minutes. Err, when I had 700 – 800 player queues on another server, that translated to at least a two-hour wait, so not sure where they’re coming up with a 30-minute wait. Unless they figure it’s one in the morning, lots of people will be logging off soon.

(I checked again about 20 minutes later … queue = 740 players. So much for that people logging off idea.)

In any case, sucks to be them. There’s only so much hardware you can throw at a problem, although maybe purchasing time/space on the Supercomputer could be arranged.

Or, they could just ask for volunteers to be moved off Blackrock.