I Won’t Say I Told You So, But …

I told you so. Again, today, with the bullshit login problems. Ordinn (Blizz dude) posts:

We understand people are experiencing login issues. Please post all relevant information in this thread.

Update – 6:20 PM PST: They are working on the issue right now. From what I understand it isn’t nearly as bad as yesterday’s issue. In fact, many people are logging in without problems, so keep trying to login.

Is he high? Relevant info? Like, that we can’t login? And, we can’t post because we can’t login? Should we post that? Like, someday when we can login?

My server just crashed while I was … let’s say, SKULKING … around where I shouldn’t have been. So I am no doubt dead. But!! This was not the worst thing that has happened to me in my virtual world today. Alas, the other crap was entirely my fault.

But that will be fodder for another time. For now, Warcrack logins are borked YET AGAIN.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

**UPDATE** Weee, I am dead. Ain’t no big deal. In the old days, we used to lose at least 5 levels when we died and had to fight our way back to our bodies naked, and then we died 82 more times and we were really mad by then, and yet we still played every day, all day. Because … hell, I don’t know why. I have a body to recover, and then I’ll have to pay 12 gold to repair my stuff and that explains why I won’t have a mount until I’m level 59, even though every Tom, Dick and Pally has a free mount at level 40.