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Hey, this taking down the login servers shit is getting as regular as the runs after an all-day drinking binge.

Let me do a quick mental calculation here: that was 3 hours ago that they admitted a problem, and although I didn’t try to login before now, I know that I can’t login at this moment, so I’ll take a guess that the login servers have been fucked for at least 3 hours today. AGAIN!

The WoW site itself is very slow as well, so maybe California is in flames right now, which makes my bitching rather petty. If I check the realm status page, it alternates between returning a Service Temporarily Unavailable page and showing all realms as up and playable!!

While California burns, and I feel ashamed of myself for complaining during their hardship, I ran across this Tyren (Blizz dude) post. (Post #8 in that thread in case I screwed up the linkage.) I don’t know the guy, but I know this much: never let them see you cry, noob. It’s like blood to sharks.

**UPDATE** Can access the servers now … let’s see, that was 3.5 hours at least with no logins. My server is currently offline, however, but I’m glad I didn’t get shafted by a rollback when it crashed — because California in flames or not, that shit would seriously piss me off.

**UPDATE 2** Blizzard updates the login servers down thread (Post #50). Hell, let me screenshot it so you don’t have to click around the web needlessly.

Login servers

**UPDATE 3** Now this is rich. Blizzard’s asking for some feedback on how that shit-torrent patch server is working out for people, cuz, ya know, maybe it isn’t. Are they stupid or are they just fucking arrogant as I speculated earlier? Doesn’t a single employee try out the company’s product themselves … I dunno, maybe out of a sense of pride, curiousity even?

**UPDATE 4** This is the problem with server downs: should I stay or should I go? Will it be up in a couple of minutes and I will rue the time I spend paging through my 300 cable channels? Or will I waste an hour waiting on the servers and rue that wasted time?

What I actually did was put some polish on tomorrow’s post. It’s a little bit of incredibly bad fan fiction, that I will force upon any hapless passersby to AFK Gamer, involving holy knights and evil necromancers that engage in a battle to the death!

Seriously, I just fucked around on the web.

But one time in EQ-cracktastic, one of the guildmates was toying with writing an EQ screenplay. O ya, I’d pay $10 to see that shit. WTF was he smoking? And where can I get some?

**UPDATE 5** Oh for fuck’s sake.

Login 2

**UPDATE 6** Since the WoW forum logins are tied (inexplicably) to the login servers, they don’t reflect much wailing and gnashing of teeth right now. Shame that. There would be much disguised cursing, I’m guessing, as it looks like 20-some servers have been down for a few hours. Including mine, obviously.

Another batch of servers just crashed; I know this because I’m clinging to the server select screen of my partial login like stink to shit. Not to be overdramatic, but I may need a fiddle tonight while Rome burns.

**UPDATE 7** Here’s my problem with Blizzard. Let’s say that I was going to design and publish a MMOG. And, I think we can all agree that I won’t. Ever. Although, everything is for sale; someone tosses me enough money to write a game where the women fight naked and every NPC throws gold at the players, call me the New Nexus of Evil, I’d do it.

But hypothetically, I design and publish a MMOG, I probably would check around what the other guys are doing to manage databases, hardware issues, billing, maintenance … all the admin type stuff that is inevitable when we’re talking about making money. I wouldn’t try to start from Square One like I know better than anyone else even though I’ve never run a MMOG before.

Vicarious knowledge is a very powerful thing.

**UPDATE 8** Nope, no news from my dead and almost-buried server. Seems like the same 30-some servers are offline, still login difficulties, and only about 4 players can login on the forums to taunt the others that can’t. Some dude posted a bunch of apache errors from his error log from the latest login attempt, which, to my layperson’s ear, sounds not good. MY GOD, NOT APACHE!!!

Anyhow, I’ve been meaning to update my links to the right for a while, and I wanted to plug this other dude’s site. Solid writing, he’s passionate about his gaming, and frankly, anyone willing to give this neo-journalism/commentary thing a try is part of the solution, and not part of the problem … like this one blog I used to follow because I liked his drawings but now all he does is plug his shit. While I don’t mind occasionally plugging your shit, if all you’re doing is plugging your shit, that’s tiresome.

Where was I? O ya, the new blog I’ve been following: Button Mashing. Plus, he has a favicon, and that’s the shit.

**UPDATE 9** You really can’t get this kind of up-to-the-minute news on the better blogs.

Login Part III

**UPDATE 10** Well fuck me and call me yours. My server is now up and available for play, as in, I can actually access my character. And really, on the grand human timeline, it was only down for 7 hours, which is nothing considering human evolution. Do we all have the proper perspective now? Good.

Because I’ve had about enough of their shit. Sure, if my playtime was 2am Eastern, I’d think Blizzard knew what the fuck they were doing. For fuck’s sake, it’s been almost six years since EQ launched, I would think gaming houses would have their shit together on login servers. As usual, I’d be wrong.

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