Could I Be Any More of a ***Censored***?

Sometimes, my evilness surprises even me.

I’m hanging around this camp, doing some necessary dirty work, minding my own business, when I spy a chest. For the cheap seats, chests are filled with loot — mostly junk — but once I found a pixelriffic item in a chest, so now I have to open ALL of them. I’m like Pavlov’s dog with these things.

Anybody can open chests, and therein lies the problem: fastest ninja wins.

I check around to see if anyone else has noticed it yet; there’s only a noob paladin, of appropriate level for the camp (unlike me, farmer that I am) and he’s busy with a couple of healers. So I scuttle over, trying to act casual, pull the solitary mob guarding the chest and proceed to rock its world.

Going in for the kill shot, noob paladin zaps a group invite on my screen. WTF is with these people? Do they have /invite macro’d or some shit? I could still be typing /invite or right-click inviting the first guy, they’ve already got their entire group assembled. Unbelievable.

I politely decline, adding that I’m just farming crap, because I really don’t feel like doing all the camp quests for the dude. Which would take hours.

Now I watch. Good God, did he see the chest?

He did. Sadly, for him, his aggro radius for this camp is HUGE compared to mine, so the entire building comes down around his ears when he tries to open the chest. I make like I’m busy with a winky dink healer several feet away and absolutely cannot assist him with a dozen mobs — I think I even turned off attack a few times so I didn’t dispatch my mob too quickly.

Noob pally has to run away, the entire building in tow, and I move in to nab My Chest. There’s a couple of vendor-type items (KA-CHING!), which I loot, and there’s a couple of crap items, which I don’t loot.

Because I’m that evil. I knew Mr. Paladin would be back as soon as he shook his escort, and I didn’t want him thinking I was a ninja — even though I am. Might need his help some day with an elite badass.

Snakes don’t crawl this low.



Some of the Blackrock players (mostly guilds) were begging for server transfers to escape the queue-hell that has been their lives for these past six weeks. Naturally, I wanted to check it out myself. Naturally, I forgot to check it out until late at night.

The calculated wait time was 30 minutes. Err, when I had 700 – 800 player queues on another server, that translated to at least a two-hour wait, so not sure where they’re coming up with a 30-minute wait. Unless they figure it’s one in the morning, lots of people will be logging off soon.

(I checked again about 20 minutes later … queue = 740 players. So much for that people logging off idea.)

In any case, sucks to be them. There’s only so much hardware you can throw at a problem, although maybe purchasing time/space on the Supercomputer could be arranged.

Or, they could just ask for volunteers to be moved off Blackrock.