All My Guild is a Stage

During my guild’s hiatus from Star Wars Galaxies, before WoW opened its beta doors to our unwashed masses, we enjoyed a blissful, yet brief, respite from our guild drama whores. Hard to believe, I know; maybe they went to bother people in their real lives or bother their previous guilds … who knows.

But I do know that they didn’t let up on the drama — somebody somewhere was the captive audience. Bet on it.

Our biggest drama whore — I call her Drama Whore Diva (DWD), as it truly suits her — has begun her latest, and possibly greatest performance. And when I say “greatest”, you know I don’t mean it’s enjoyable, right? I mean most ludicrous.

Since DWD seems to be pacing her performances as a trilogy, I’ll do the same. She has yet to premiere Act III, but I’m an old gamehag, so I know how this is going to end already. Badly.

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Hail, Fellow Travelers!

The f13 boys (and girls?) have passed through the gauntlet that is the Warcraft queue and are consuming Warcraft content with the rest of us cool people. Their blog will recount brave tales of dangerous encounters with noobs.

Unlike me, their identities are available for abuse (Guild: Bat Country, Server: Earthen Ring, East Coast RP server) … obviously, they don’t understand the benefits of stealth blogging.

Freedom! Complete bloggery freedom!