Day One

Day One of World of Warcraft … what a day, what a race, what a queue it’s been.

You might wonder, why isn’t Foton playing WoW right now instead of typing up a few notes? Let me tell ya, Foton would still be in WoW right now except Foton was STUPID and logged off for a quick dinner and is now sitting in the queue at 10 pm pacific time. Wait time so far, 30 minutes. Estimated remaining, 30 minutes.

This can’t go on. I’ll have to hire a small neighborhood child to begin the login process when I leave work each night. Gonna be hell on guilds with planned events in the evening.

Earlier, a guildmate reported that he waited two hours in the queue. Admittedly, that guy is frequently tanked when he logs on, so for all I know the wait was four hours and he just thinks it was only two. The guildmember that logged in about 30 minutes after that reported his queue time was one hour.

I only experienced one period of server sloggage. (Is that a technical term? If it isn’t, maybe it should be.) All the noobs were on bended knee stuck in loot mode, couldn’t talk to any NPCs, and soon after, all the mobs poofed. That bullshit lasted only about 30 minutes.

After I had a quick dinner, I made a new character on a low population server … just to check out if the grass is greener.

It is. No queue, only minor discernible lag in the noob town, and particularly annoying was all the noobs crowing about how wonderful Blizzard’s hardware was for live. No queues! No lag!! Plenty of mobs!! (assholes)

I had made a night elf on the lag-free server. This was my first visit to Shadowglen and whatever that noob night elf town is called. Hail, Kelethin! For crissakes, they have dark elves running around in WoW’s version of Greater Faydark whacking brownies and spiders. Scandalous.

For old time’s sake, I jumped off from the top of Kelethin2 and died, just like the first day of EverQuest live. Then I ran to find my corpse, just like the first day of EQ live. Then I told the noobs to stop spamming in the public channel, just like … you get the idea.

Ten minutes left in the queue … I think.

I should be max level in no time, as I realize now that I can never log off.