OMGzorz, EQ2 Tomorrow!

Through super stealth methods, maybe involving ancient ninja techniques, and by perusing various unofficial fanboisterous EQ2 sites, several gaming sources (read: better gaming sites) are reporting the EQ2 server names:
Najena Permafrost
Storms (French)
Valor (German)

Moorgard of EQ2 on the reasons for not releasing this info sooner, (so yanno, friends could plan what server to meet up because misery loves company):

While it may seem like building an organizational chart for upcoming servers is a good idea, it’s really not going to accomplish what you want it to. You might successfully spread out all the guilds that frequent this board, but all the random guild formations that crop up after launch can completely throw a wrench into your strategy and destroy the balance you were trying to achieve.

Having launched several MMOs and watched the launch of many others, we think it’s best to not reveal server names and let people find their homes on launch day. We’re not taking this stance to anger anyone or inconvenience guilds, but rather because we feel this approach will help prevent server crowding.

No, it’s not just you. That is a stupid answer.

N3rfed’s Cosmik cleverly summarized which servers should attract the most action.

If I was going to play EQ2, which I’m obviously not — I got help, man! — I’d set up shop on Guk, the original ebay zone. And I do mean “set … up … shop”.