The Bizarro Warcraft World

Since I’d had about enough of multi-hour queues on my real Warcraft server, the past few days I’ve been committing class, realm and server adultery … the gates of Hell yawn wide before me, I’m that full of sin.

I created a just-for-sport character on a server with only about 12 players, one of which is me: human rogue. (Hey, if I’m going to screw around behind my guild’s back, I might as well be the Chosen Class in the Chosen Realm.) Eventually, I’ll return to my real online job: Horde Priest and leveling slower than a roleplayer.

This is how alliance leveling goes: grab 20 quests from two or three buildings, run out to the kill area about 50 paces away, run back, ding to level 10. Move to the next area, rinse, repeat, ding level 15. Ok, I exaggerate, but not as much as you’d think.

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Act II

Previously, on the guild stage: Drama Whore Diva (DWD) announces her triumphant return to online gaming, and much to everyone’s joy, will join our guild in World of Warcraft, assuming we will obey her new rules. I am not making that up. Well, I’m making up that part about everyone being joyful, because I sure as f*** wasn’t.

We begin Act II with a brief flashback which will be important later. We first had an issue with DWD when she wanted one of our younger members booted out of the guild because he shared incredibly personal information about DWD with a non-guildie.

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