Mobile gaming is the next big thing

“Some of us have day jobs around here. You can’t play games all day, right? Well, okay, you can
sneak in some EQ at work as long as you’re not in a cubicle. My day job is in the mobile gaming business, which means
this article is not a surprise to me. The feeling in the mobile games industry reminds me of the boom times of the
Internet craze. Money’s getting thrown all over the place. The Reuters piece hits it on the nose. Games on your cell
phone is already the Big Time. Granted, the one billion figure is a worldwide tally, but that’s still impressive when
you consider how new it all is. Look out for some great titles in the near future. Especially as Nvidia and ATI enter
the fray.”…excerpt from: Joystiq … Foton: I pray they can’t mobilize WoW and others of the MMOG 3rd (?) generation. Removing the barriers for me to catass my entire life away wouldn’t be a good thing. In theory.

Dragonshard Beta Test Sign-Ups Open

“Atari’s Betatests website brings word this afternoon that it has opened up sign-ups for testing on Liquid Entertainment’s upcoming Dungeons Dragons-based strategy game, Dragonshard. System specificati…”
…excerpt from: Game Gossip … Foton: wtf is Dragonshard? And shouldn’t Atari’s link provide at least SOME info other than ‘it’s about dragons! so it’s cool!’

City Of Villains Beta Plans

“Today, NCsoft Corporation announced preliminary beta testing plans for City Of Heroes offshoot title, City Of Villains. Scheduled for release sometime next year for the PC platform, the City Of Villains beta program will gi…”
…excerpt from: Game Gossip … Foton: Note to self — if this WoW thing doesn’t work out, may need CoV beta to pass the time until the Next Big Thing. Stop cursing at the noobs in zone channel that ask where the fucking zombies are every 30 seconds.