I Wish I Was Making This Up

I’m going to paraphrase this little message board bit my friend sent me. I’m paraphrasing for “safety reasons” … (to hide this person’s identity), BUT I MUST WARN YOU. All the horrors of Halloween and the Day of the Dead have nothing on this sorry tale.

An argument has begun regarding the level of effort invested in the high-end EQ game. To defend his/her/its skeelz and l33tness, this lazyeyed fat chick from a midwestern state that excels in football and basketball person outlines his/her/its qualifications.

“My current /played on this character is 380 days, 20 hours, 10 minutes. I have also levelled up a 65 *class* and a 55+ *class*. My *main char* is Level 70 with 570 aa’s, and is currently ranked *#XX* out of all *main char class* on every server.”

Listen, normally I don’t pay attention to what people do with their time, and I’m certain there are scarier stats than this, but for crissakes, this is NUTS. EQ’s been around 5.5+ years … that’s 20 percent of someone’s life that’s been spent on a virtual life. No fucking wonder people get so attached to their characters.

OTHER people, that is.