Apparently Boing Boing finally caught on that the Fragbags were actually a marketing stunt.

In their defense, I do have an advantage, as real game hags realize that other game hags rarely leave their computer area, much less their house … i.e. to go prance around at the Radio Muzack Awards.

Still, seems like Youbeesoft should have clearly disclosed the authorship and nature of their Fragbags.

Whose Industry Stunt is This?

I’m curious whose industry stunt this is?

Because I know that shit is phonier than crop circles. Although I am definitely more feeble-minded for having read through some of it, I’m not so slow-witted that I believe:

A. a group of adults got together and designed a website about “… the Frag Dolls, a group of girl gamers out to have a little fun. We’re here to represent the ladies in gaming with the taste and talent for beating you at your own games.”

B. all of these hard-core gamers have the time to write individual blog entries, which curiously all have the same writing style and voice, while winging their way to Houston to play Ghost Recon or to the Radio Music Awards where “there were so many firsts for me in Vegas: my first alcoholic party, my first sushi, and my first experience almost bowling a rock star over in a fangirlish outburst.” teeheeheehee.

Christ. I would have thought Ubisoft had better ideas and more productive things to do (read: not quite so LAME).

Unless they have interns writing that crap, then I understand entirely. From my experience, interns are best used to camp static spawns while I go get lunch.