Cyber Sex, Lies and The Beatles

I’m like Dennis Miller. I can toss out obscure references and assume that The Intelligent will catch them.

Anyhow, today, while waiting for a MMOG release to save me, I was watching Court TV and caught some hosebag’s testimony … let me summarize for the cheap seats, this mom puts a few bullets in this assbag’s body after she finds him jacking off in bed while watching porn … o ya, her three year old daughter is in the bed with him, also naked.

Do we really need to waste government dollars prosecuting this shit? He’s a confirmed drug dealer, jacking off in bed to porn with his live-in girlfriend’s three year old daughter, also naked, in bed next to him. And there’s some question about this? There is someone on earth mourning this fuck’s death?

Back to the hosebag testifying on the assbag’s behalf. Hosebag was high 40 percent of the time (her words) and yet (and YET!), whether she’s straight OR high, she has the same clarity … even when smoking 8-balls. I don’t even know what the fuck an 8-ball is, but it sounds expensive, as it involves solid cocaine (which I learned from the witness).

Yes, she delivered this testimony with a straight face and yes, the Court TV anchor team agrees that she is a VERY credible witness because she can be so blunt and honest about her fucked-up lifestyle. (Oops, did I forget to mention that the hosebag is the GODDAMN BABYSITTER?)

This doesn’t really have to do with the State of MMOGs Today, other than, while I was pondering the sorry state that I’m in because I need something to go gold to give me hope … I realized that I may be taking Crazy Pills here.

Am I the only one that thinks hosebags should go away before they can be sworn in? … and, certainly, anchor teams should understand that hosebags can’t possibly be credible witnesses. For fuck’s sake, listening to her was like reading a Hollywood treatment for Scarface II.

O ya, and I flashbacked (in a “I haven’t really spent significant time being high and for sure not around children” way) on this hosebag when I read the latest Happy Happy Joy Joy Star Wars shit.

[Hints: Cyber (online) Sex (jacking off), Lies (anything SOE tells you), and the Beatles (happiness is a warm gun, bang bang, shoot shoot)]

Back away from the 8-balls … whatever those are, they sound bad.