If Only I Could Make Up Shit Like This …

The Setup: RPGexpert.com interviews some guy named Lax of Lavishsoft. Basically, Lavishsoft writes utilities for EQ (some of questionable EULA implications).

How do I know this? Because Lavishsoft advertises their EQPlayNice utility as reducing the amount of time dedicated to each EQ session. (Foton’s been around the block about 23,498,230 times. Anything that says it “reduces the amount of EQ time…” is a come on. i.e. SOE would not be pleased.)

But here’s where it gets good … RPGexpert asks, “I noticed on your website that you don’t play anymore, any particular reason?” Lax’s response: “I had actually planned on quitting EverQuest in the summer of 2000. My wife, whom I had actually only spoken to a few times in the game at this point, convinced me to keep playing, actually by asking to call me on the phone (the rest is history as they say).”

The rest of the interview doesn’t really matter at this point. Lax has already frightened the rest of us BEYOND recovery.

Really, how the fuck do you respond to something like that? He spoke to his wife only a few times IN GAME, she asks him to CALL ON THE PHONE … the rest is history? How ’bout NO, you crazy Dutch bastard!?!

Since blunt is your style, Lax, here it comes. Please do not pass on your damaged DNA. You are all that is wrong with online gaming.

Goddamn, good luck with all of that.

2 thoughts on “If Only I Could Make Up Shit Like This …

  1. Dude. You sir, are a moron.
    No single person is “wrong” with online gaming.
    On the other hand, there are morons out there that work to degrade anything that is online gaming.

    You are nothing but a piece of shit reporter that wants so badly to be a part of something that he has to write-up a shitty intertview that is more than 100% biased. Dood, just deal with the fact that you suck in real life and can’t even handle a simple unbiased interview — and to compile this — you’re also probably a very bad EQ player that can’t get shit on his own and has a bunch of newbie characters (mebbe twinked omgz!!) — step up to the mic kid.

    You think you got what it takes to do anything?

    The microphone is right in front of you, punk.


  2. I’ll not deny that I’m a moron; many times, I am. But I don’t do interviews, dude, and I’m not a reporter.

    I sometimes journalize my online MMOG experiences, and other times regurgitate news I find on the internets. Other times still, I post drunkenly.

    Was I rough on Lax in my commentary? Ya, a little. I think it’s stupid to hook up with people you meet online. Maybe others are running into a better class of people online than me. Could happen.

    As far as me being a noobzorz twinkzorzed EQ player, I catassed with the rest of them. In the end, it was easier to buy a different house than to clean the old one.

    But thanks for playing!

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