Nobody Ever Listens to Foton

Nobody ever listens to me, much to their later regret. Once again, noobs didn’t heed my sage, battleworn advice and players get hurt. Shit, I’m right so often, I surprise even myself.

My guildmates were swapping account info around like a cyber skank even after I made a post on the guild boards warning people not to do so. The guy you trust like a brother today, can bring your game play down around your ears tomorrow. And that’s not even considering what havoc he can wreak with your credit card number, real life address and phone numbers.

Guy B gets torked off at Guy A, logged onto A’s account, took his virtual money, phat lewt and deleted A’s characters on his way out the virtual door. Harsh. Reason? Because Guy A was elected new guild leader over Guy B. (well, obviously the right choice was made there, eh?)

All this is just allegation at this point, as Guy B hasn’t officially responded claiming responsibility. More later after this issue is investigated (and how fun for me, I’ll be heading up the internal investigation), and I also have a story about a prior incident eerily similar to this one, in another virtual world.

Noobs. When will they ever learn?