Did Ya Ever Notice?

I really enjoy when people start posturing via The Internet. It is so pointless and so flaccid a means to prove one’s worth, that it’s ALWAYS comedy gold. The best kind of comedy, too … when it’s unintentional.

Ever notice that when people write “this is my last post on this thread” or “I won’t post on these boards ever again”, that they always prove themselves a liar within the next 24 hours?

Ever notice that a common method for assclowns to prove their INDISPUTABLE authority is either:

A. They played in Beta. (oh, so it’s partially your fault that this game has always sucked ass?)
B. They know a real life GM/CSR/Developer in real life, really. (again, your fault then?), or
C. They’ve played every race/class/zone/server/online game at least 49 times.

Ever notice that when people start losing an internet argument badly, they start detailing how HUGE they are in real life? But not fat, it’s all muscle. Now, when they finally get a driver’s license, the object of their wrath might have to actually worry about a personal visit.

Ever notice that the players who fly off the handle the easiest are the ones with the worst language skills? Really makes me wonder if there is a direct correlation between rage control and damaged DNA.

Ever notice that game forum ho’s assume that every player knows them? Forgetting for a moment that probably only five percent of the game population read the forums regularly, why do they assume I’m aware of their presence just because they’ve mastered pushing the Reply, New Topic and Post buttons?

Ever notice that when jagbags get into an Internet argument with a female player, they start hurling the cyber or shemale accusations? As if either of those would be worse than being an asshole like them. (Hint: Asshole is worse.)

Ever notice that there is a direct relationship between number of paragraphs and intelligent internet discourse? One long, neverending paragraph = single-celled organism brain activity. Several, shorter paragraphs = at least a few relevant points worthy of an advanced central nervous system.

I could go on, but fuck it. I’m done with this topic and I’m never posting here again!

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