Lying, Cheating and Stealing

Part III of the week-long series on human waste in gaming society … today, I have a story about a liar, a cheat and a thief — one person with multiple talents for leaving misery in his wake. So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

Of course, I’ve run across many thieves and cheats in online gaming, but I selected this assbanger for his completely-unrepentant behavior. I’ve seen my share of ninja looters, noob scammers, trade loggers, and loot whores — this fucker though … he was something else.

During our first few months on the EverQuest premium server, my gaming buds and I were in a raiding guild that spent a lot of time farming the Temple of Veeshan (just breaking into the NToV, for those who know what that is) and during our “free” time, we would farm the Kunark dragons, for fun and guild profit. A raiding guild in EQ burns through the platinum pieces faster than a crack ho with a bad shopping habit, so we regularly did plat raids.

One night, when the guild raid leader (my best bud) and I were offline, the guild slew one of the dragons and hit the jackpot, lootwise. The guild would have been set for platinum for at least a week except one problem … the loot disappeared. No, not a game bug — no one would admit to having the loot. (ya, it was a ninja problem. damn ninjas.)

For some reason, that became clear in hindsight, the Guild Leader accused my bud and me of ninja’ing the loot. And he didn’t make the accusations privately so we could defend ourselves and maybe clear this up, he voiced his bullshit accusation in the guild channel when we were still offline the next day. Later on, we both log on and are greeted by hate tells. (and a very good day to you, too!)

We both reminded the guild that we weren’t even online the previous evening, which a senior member in the guild (thankfully) remembered and confirmed to the murderous mob. One of the 15 year old punkasses suggested that maybe we had passed along the loot (that we never had seen) to one of our alt characters and that we should still be strung up by our plate boots.

Seeing that this bullshit was going nowhere fast, my bud and I called the GMs to come and check our accounts for the loot and reassure the guild that none of our characters had even so much as touched the loot. (This was back in the OLDEN TIMES when Sony actually had a GM/CSR staff.) The GM checked all of our characters and reported to a senior guild member that we were not the ninjas they sought.

Curiously, we didn’t see our much-beloved Guild Leader for several days … unusual, as he had been a daily player until the incident. You can probably guess where this is going.

Few more days pass, and one of our more industrious guildmates makes a character on our Guild Leader’s home server and does some snooping around with the /who all command. Sure enough, there he be, running around the common gathering area, auctioning off the purloined lewt, which also now includes the entire guild bank. (thanks for stopping!)

As our industrious guildie put it so well and so succinctly, “Wow, he really had a lot to sell.”