O The Things I’ve Seen!

I was chatting with some gaming buds (ya, we were supposed to be working, SO?), and the noobus amongus was aghast about some SWG hosebag that had passed around some of her personal porn (and by personal, I mean of the aforementioned hosebag) a few months back.

O please. That is so five years ago and has been done to death.

Not that I blame him for being shocked; the first time I heard of such a thing, I was shocked as well. SWG is his first MMOG so it’s understandable that the seamy underbelly of MMOG society is repulsive and nauseating to him. To experienced gaming hags like me, it’s just business as usual.

It’s been my observation that in any online gaming society, there are at most five, maybe six normal people. I AM NOT BEING CONSERVATIVE HERE. We work, we interact with real, live people every day (with a certain amount of enjoyment), we have other interests besides catassing our way to gaming riches, we think cheating other players, even if it’s JUST A GAME, is wrong, etc.

Everyone else, all 1,995 of them on each gaming shard, server, et al, is the solid waste at the bottom of the septic tank. I know this to be true, and you would too if you’d stop hanging onto the delusion that human beings are inherently virtuous.

Still don’t believe me? Want examples? Hell, I could give you AT LEAST a month’s worth of examples, but since I’m inherently lazy (and virtuous), I’ll give you four days’ worth of examples. Tuesday through Friday … it’s story time.

And I’ve got some doozies.