Yoda Bends Luke Over

I do get tired of picking on Sony. It’s very similar to messing with a not-so-bright bully in elementary school; easy to do, hard to resist, ultimately, not very satisfying. On the other hand, if not for Sony’s almost-weekly missteps, I wouldn’t have much material right now … since the new MMOGs are taking 4fe.

Sony is just so damn fucking EVIL, someone has to joust their windmill. Fortunately, I have better eyesight than Don Quixote.

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If Only I Could Make Up Shit Like This …

The Setup: RPGexpert.com interviews some guy named Lax of Lavishsoft. Basically, Lavishsoft writes utilities for EQ (some of questionable EULA implications).

How do I know this? Because Lavishsoft advertises their EQPlayNice utility as reducing the amount of time dedicated to each EQ session. (Foton’s been around the block about 23,498,230 times. Anything that says it “reduces the amount of EQ time…” is a come on. i.e. SOE would not be pleased.)

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Dead? No, You Cannot Kill Them, No

Sony, the vortex of evil among gaming companies, recently banned — dozens? hundreds? millions? who fucking knows because Sony never publishes figures — accounts for either actually duping game credits (money) or touching duped game credits.

Problem is, in Star Wars: Galaxies, players can be “tipped” credits against their will or even while offline. Tipping is a completely passive activity for the recipient. Hence, Sony’s encore appearance in the coveted “Asshats of the Week” sidebar.

But, there’s more!

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